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One day course (case study)

The case study

Some courses are run as a single day event. That is, enrollment, training activities, assessment tasks and assessment outcomes are all completed within one day.

Distinguishing features

One example of this might be "Responsible service of alcohol". This is a course, where students complete enrollment documentation at the beginning of the day, participate in training, completed some form of assessment task and are assessed, all in the same day. In this situation, the enrollment would not be completed in Icare until after the student has completed their training.

In this case study, the following information has been used:

You will need to determine the equivalent information for your One day course.

The details listed below are specific to this case study only, for further details regarding each section, refer to the links within the case study.


Setting up the course

For full details on all aspects of the process for setting up a course, go to Add a course.

From the Home page select Management, then Select Manage Courses.

Select Add course from the left panel. A data entry screen will be displayed.

Enter an RTO defined course number e.g. ACME001A and course name e.g. Responsible service of alcohol (RSA).

Under Behaviours, enter the following:

Leave blank.
Based On
Enter SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality. If this course doesn't yet exist in Icare, go to import a course.
Report As
Enter The course this is based on (without completions).
This option is chosen because a successful completion of ACME001A does not equate to a successful completion of SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality.
Count As
Select Not counted.
This option is chosen because an enrolment into ACME001A does not equate to a enrolment and intent to complete SIT20207 Certificate II in Hospitality.

Under Classification, enter the following:

Nominal Hours
Enter the number of hours the course will take.
Enter 14 Other, developed by the RTO/industry/... to meet an identified training need.
Level of Education
Enter 991 Statement of Attainment.
Field of Education
You can pick something appropriate or copy the entry from the Based On course, 1101 Food and Hospitality in this example.
You can pick something appropriate or copy the entry from the Based On course, 851000 Food Preparation Assistants in this example.
Place a Tick this box.

Once complete, click Save Changes on the left hand side.

Setting up the course template

The information below is specific to this case study, for full details on setting up a course template refer to Add a Course Template.

From the Course page, click Add a course template from the Course Templates box on the left. A data entry screen will appear. Enter the following information in the data fields.

Enter RSA one day course 2012. This name should reflect the purpose of the template.
Report To
Select Victoria.
Leave Blank.
Delivery location
Enter ACME Head Office.
Delivery Mode
Enter 10 Classroom-based.
Enter Fee For Service.
Assign Trainer
Enter Smith, Jim.
Choose Add assessment and completion events.

Add Modules

Follow the Add Modules instructions from the Add a Course Template page, up to Step 2.

Continue following through Step 2, but enter the information shown below.

Once all desired modules have been added to the course template, complete the Course Template by clicking Save Changes.

Setting up Statement of Attainment reports and rule(s)

If you haven't already done so, you will need to create a Statement of Attainment report in Icare, before establishing any Statement of Attainment rules.

To create a Statement of Attainment rule, follow the instructions on the Create Statement of Attainment Rules page and enter the data as shown below:

Enter Responsible service of alcohol
Leave as Not Stated
Funding Disclosed?
Leave as Not Stated
Commence typing ACME Training RSA SOA and then select the report when it appears in the list.
The report will only be available if it has previously been uploaded into Icare. Refer to create a Statement of Attainment report.

Click Save Changes.

Statement of Attainment Rules can be edited or deleted using the options in the Statement of Attainment Rules box on the left of the page.


The enrolment process is where the student enrolment details are entered into Icare.


Follow the standard instructions for adding an enrolment, up to selecting the course template.

As only one course template exists for this course this template will be selected automatically and the Add enrolment page will be displayed, with many of the fields pre-filled (this information has been applied from the template).

Complete the enrolment by entering the following information:

Study Reason
Enter the reason for the study (as selected by the student on their enrolment documents), e.g. 05 To get a better job or promotion.
VET in schools?
Leave this box unticked
If the student is linked to a specific Employer, enter the employer in this field e.g Collins Street Cafe.
If the required employer has not been entered into your database, you will need to add an employer.
Leave this field blank.

The next section will be dependant on the chosen Report To State. In this example the students' enrolment will be Reported to Victoria, so the following fields will be present under the heading "Victoria".

Default Fee Exemption
This is where any fee exemption is recorded, e.g. H Healthcare card for a student that is a holder of a Healthcare card, or Z None for a student that has no fee exemptions.
Commencement Override
Leave blank
Eligibility Exemption
Select N No.
Vet Fee Help
Select N No.
These fields will be different for enrolments that are being reported to other states. Refer to Report To States.

The next section is Funding, Enter the following information in each of the fields as decribed below:

This will be pre-filled from the Course Template e.g. Fee for Service.

Select Save Changes in the I would like to box on the left.

Add Events

Based on the Course Template in which we chose the Behaviour to be Add Assessment and Completion events, the enrolment will now proceed directly to the Add Event page, for you to add the Assessment Event.

Assessment Event

The Add Event data page will be pre-filled with some information however, additional information will need to be added. This is described below:

This will be prefilled with the Enrolment Date. It can be adjusted if required.
If the trainer was defined in the Course Template, then this will be filled in already. If not, or if you need to change the trainer, it can be changed now.
This will state Assessment as per the Course Template, but may be changed if desired.
The assumption is made that the Assessment has been conducted following some type of Training activity, but as this is a one day course, only a single event is recorded as Assessment.
This field is blank and can be left blank or used to enter comments regarding the assessment event as required, e.g. Practical training and assessment satisfactorily completed by student.
Using the pick list, select the desired Mark (assessment outcome) for each module listed, e.g. Competent.

Select Save Changes from the left. This will record the Assessment event and automatically move to the "Complete Sucessfully" event on the Add Event page.

Complete Sucessfully Event

The Add Event page will display: Under the Complete Sucessfully heading:

This will be prefilled, but can be amended if desired.
This will be prefilled, but can be amended if desired.
This will be prefilled as Complete Sucessfully, but could be amended if desired.
This will be blank, but can have a comment entered, if desired, e.g. Course Completed Sucessfully on XX/XX/XXXX.

Select Save Changes from the left. This will record the Complete Sucessfully event and automatically move to the "Statement of Attainment" event on the Add Event page.

Statement of Attainment Event

The Add Event page will be displayed. Under the Statement Of Attainment heading:

This will be prefilled, but can be amended if desired.
Statement #
If Automatic Identifier numbering has been activated for this field, this will be prefilled. If not, enter the desired Statement of Attainment number.
If you wish to activate Automatic Identifiers for the Statement of Attainment Number, go to Automatic Identifiers.
This will be prefilled as Statement of Attainment.
This will be blank, but can have a comment entered, if desired.

The relevant module(s) will be listed under the heading "Referenced Modules", by code and name.

Select Save Changes from the left. This will record the Statement of Attainment event, and generate the Statement of Attainment (based on the Statement of Attainment Rule(s) specified for this course).

The Statement of Attainment will be opened as a Microsoft Word document in Rich Text Format (.rtf) and can be printed or saved just like any other Microsoft Word document.

Within Icare, you will be returned to the Enrolment page, where you will be able to view each of these events under the Recent Events heading.