Icare software

Automatic Identifiers

There are several numeric identifiers within Icare that can either be manually entered or be setup to be Automatic Identifier. These include:

To set any of these Identifiers as an Automatic Identifier (automatcially generated number), follow the instructions below. Certificate Number has been used in this example, however the process is the same for all the identifiers.

From the Home page, select Management option.

Select Manage Automatic Identifiers from under the Setup Heading.

Highlight the Identifier that you wish to make automatic e.g. Certificate Number and select Enable Identifier from the Enabled Identifiers box on the left.

The popup data entry box called Enable Identifiers will appear. Enter the following data:

This is where you state the format in which you wish the identifer to be displayed. e.g. ACME#####, where the # represents the number of digits displayed.
The identifier can be a combination of letters and numbers, or just numbers. The simpliest format would be ####, which would generate numbers as 0001, 0002 etc. Alternatives might be to include letters e.g. ACME####, which would generate numbers as ACME0001, ACME0002, or to include a leading number, e.g. 2012###, to generater numbers 2012001, 2012002.
State the largest previous number that has already been allocated (if any) for this identifier. For example, if you have already generated three certificates using ACME as a prefix, then 3 should be entered in this field. This would mean that the first Automatically Generated Certificate Number would be ACME0004.

Select Save Changes.

Once enabled, automatic identifiers can be edited or disabled using the Edit Identifier or Disable Identifier options from the Enable Identifiers box on the left.