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Add a Course Template

Course templates provide the user with the advantage of reducing repetitive data entry. Within a course template you can specify details that will always remain constant and these can automatically be applied to each enrolment conducted using that Course Template.

When enroling a student in a course:

If you only have one template, but wish to have the option to choose not to use the template, you will need to create a blank template (name it accordingly). As there will be two templates, you will be given the choice to enrol the student using one of these templates or without using a template.

Creating a course template

To create a course template, firstly open the course for which you wish to create the template. To do this, select Manage Courses from the Management menu and then double click on the desired course to open the Course page.

From the Course page, click Add a course template from the Course Templates box on the left. A data entry screen will appear. Enter the following information in the data fields.

Enter a name for your course template. This name should reflect the purpose of the template.
Report To
Select the State to whom you will be reporting the data.
Leave Blank. This field would be only used if the course template was linked to a specific employer.
Delivery location
Select a delivery location from your list or leave blank if this is going to be variable. For example, enter ACME Head Office.
If the required delivery location is not on Icare, you will need to create the delivery location.
Delivery Mode
Leave blank if this is going to be variable, or select the relevant option from the drop down list. For example, enter 10 Classroom-based.
If you have more than one funding type that could be applied to this template, leave this field blank. If only one funding type is applicable, select the relevant funding type.
If the required funding type is not on Icare, you will need to create the funding type.
Assign Trainer
Enter Smith, Jim. Select the trainer, if desired or leave blank.
If you have no trainers entered on Icare, and you wish to assign a trainer, then you will need to add a trainer.
Choose the appropriate behaviour for your template, based on the information below.

Course Template Behaviour Field Options

The Behaviour field in a course template dictates what sort of events are automatically added during the enrolment process. The Behaviour field options are:

Add Assessment and Completion events
Adds Commencement, Assessment, Complete Successfully and Statement of Attainment events. This would be used in the situation where entry onto Icare is completed after all training and assessment activities are finished.
Add Commencement event
Adds a Commencement event only. This is used when a student enrolment is entered into Icare at the time the student has commenced training in at least one module, but has not yet been assessed. All other events must be entered manually.
Add Training Plan event
Adds a Training Plan event only. This is used in when a student enrolment is entered into Icare prior to the commencement of training. A training plan event lists the proposed start and end dates of each module. All other events must be entered manually.

Add Modules to the Course Template

The next step is to add the required modules to your Course Template.

While still on the Course Template page, select Add Modules from the Modules box on the left.

Step One - Selecting Modules

You can select modules to add to your Course Template by:

  1. Choosing Modules from the Common modules list
  2. Selecting modules from the Master List
  3. Importing Units of Competency from training.gov.au.

If the module you wish to add is not available from any of these lists (that is, it is an RTO Defined Module and has not yet been added to the Icare Master List) go to Add a Module.

If Common Modules were allocated to the course they will be displayed on the Add Modules to Course Template page.

If no Common Modules were allocated, or if you wish to include additional modules, choose Select Modules from Master List from the I would like to box.

If the module you wish to add is present on the Master List, then:

If the module you wish to add is not on the Master List provided then:

If you do not know the full title of the module or the complete unit code, you can choose to enter part of the module (unit) name/code, e.g. Learning environment or BSBMGT.

Step Two - Length of Module and Assigning Trainers

Once you have entered all the desired modules and allocated them to the appropriate Course Folder (if required) you must allocate the length of time required to complete the module and if desired, specify a trainer.

Length of time required to complete the module. For the proposed start date

Repeat this process for the propsed end date (where appropriate, the end date will be automatically calculated from the start date).

If desired, Choose to Display the Trainer column by selecting the tick box next to Show Trainer Column.

If you have not yet entered Trainer details, you will need to Add a Trainer.

If several modules will have the same time frame and/or trainer, these can be entered as a Bulk Entry. To create a Bulk Entry:

Repeat this process to add the required length of time and a trainer (if desired) for all modules.

Once all desired modules have been added to the course template, complete the Course Template by clicking Save Changes.