Icare software

Add an Enrolment

The process of adding an enrolment (or enrolling a student) takes you through the following steps:

To start an enrolment click the Add an Enrolment link under the Enrolments heading on the Home page.

Search for existing Student

To avoid duplicate student records, the Add an Enrolment process always performs a search of existing students.

The search page asks for minimal student details (Name, Gender and Date of Birth). Please enter these fields in fully, if the search does not find an existing student these details will be placed in the Add Student page so you do not need to re-enter details.

Click Search for existing in the I would like to box on the left hand side.

The search is quite general to catch common situations such as:

If the search does not find any existing students then you will be taken straight to the Add Student page.

Existing Person?

If the search finds students, trainers and/or users with similar details you will be taken to a Existing Person? page with a list of those people.

You can navigate into the existing records to see more details so that you can assess whether they are the same person you are enrolling now.

Whilst navigating into the existing records the Existing Person? box on the left hand side will be displayed in green and contain two links.

Use existing person
Clicking the Yes, Use Existing Person link allows you to continue the enrolment process adding the enrolment to the existing person, you will be taken to the Edit Student page.
Continue adding person
If none of the existing records are the student you are enrolling, clicking the No, Continue Adding Person link will take you straight to the Add Student page.

Add/Edit Student

The Edit Student page contains basic student details.

If you are adding an enrolment to an existing student you can update the students details if they have changed since their first enrolment.

Add/Edit Student AVETMISS

The Edit Student AVETMISS page contains all of the AVETMISS Enrolment questions.

Many of the fields have a @ Not Stated option, this is used for when the student does not answer the question.

Select a Course

Double click the Course you wish to enrol.

If the list of courses is long you can search for courses by typing into the two search boxes above the list.

Select a Course Template

You will only see this page if the course you selected has multiple course templates defined.

Course Templates are used to reduce data entry when many students are enrolled with common enrolment details. The template is created first with the common details and then the template is selected as each student is enrolled.

Add Enrolment

Some of the interesting fields are:

Entry Date
This date also known as the Enrolment Date can be used in a variety of ways depending on your on requirements. In most cases the date would reflect the first contact you have with a student, when they sign the enrolment form or book for training.
Report To
This field allows you to select where to send AVETMISS details for this enrolment. For State funded students, this is the State providing the funding. Fee for Service students can be reported to the State the training is delivered in or to the State your RTO is registered in (i.e. for remote or online learning students).
Many of the enrolment fields have State specific requirements, changing this field will enable only the specific fields required for AVETMISS reporting that State.
Some employers can also be the Delivery Location, such employers can be flagged as such. When those employers are entered into this field the following Delivery Location field will be automatically filled in also.
This field is a temporary place holder for details imported from previous versions of Ted and Icare and will be deleted in the future. Leave this field blank for new enrolments.
Funding Type
If you enter a funding type that has been setup for Apprenticeship/Traineeships then one or two additional fields will become active so that you can enter in the registration numbers for the student.

Training Plan

If you selected a Course Template (which includes a Training Plan Event) as part of the above process, then you will be taken to the Add Event page to enter the Training Plan event. The Add Event page will be filled in with details from the template.

End of Process

After finishing the above process you will be on the Enrolment page.

Modules can be added to the Enrolment by clicking the Add a Module Enrolment link. You do not need to enter additional details for each of these modules as they will inherit the default details from the main enrolment.

With the enrolment process complete most data entry from now on will involve adding events, common events are: