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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

AUSkey is Changing

AUSkeys are being decommissioned on Friday the 27th of March 2020. See AUSkey is Changing for more details and the steps you need to take.


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Recent updates

Fix entry of money amounts with commas in

Add ABN to Employer page
  • Improve Delivery Location ABN must not be blank messages

  • Implement Recommenced and Superseded links on Enrolment page
  • Update for SVTS reporting in 2022

  • Add Delivery Location ABN for SVTS reporting in 2022

  • Add Commencing while at school for SVTS reporting in 2022

  • Add {QR Code} report command

Add Last Year option to Monthly Enrolment Statistics
  • Fix auto select logic when templates contain superseded units

  • Add ASQA Recent Awards Request report

Ignore depreciated Count As field when validating the Based On field

Add helper to transition from superseded Courses
  • Allow Other Fees to be linked to Modules in Course Pricing

  • Add Pricing to Course Template

  • Add Schedules to Course Template

Add Audit Apply updates from training.gov.au
  • Flag Courses when they are a Single Module

  • Improve display of Supersed By and Transition By
  • Add Supersede By to Course and Module

  • Add Transition By to Course and Module

  • Add Packaging Rule to Modules in Course

  • Highlight superseded Qualifications and Units of Competency

All changes.