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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

AUSkey is Changing

AUSkeys are being decommissioned on Friday the 27th of March 2020. See AUSkey is Changing for more details and the steps you need to take.


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Recent updates
  • Update Search Enrolments pages to export to XLSX format
  • Add Export to Excel to Statement/Certificate not issued pages
  • Fix Print All on Search Invoices page
  • Fix repeating of sections in Docx reports
  • Add filter by Intake to Search Module Enrolment pages

  • Add filter by Employer to Search Invoices page

  • Add Print All to Search Invoices page
  • Add {Date # Month Year} and {Date # Year Month} formats
  • Ensure Icare is digitally signed
  • Always import a Proposed End Date when importing Training Dates
  • Add Queensland JobTrainer funding codes JT1, JT2, JT4, JT6, JT7 and JT8.
  • Enable use of <w:sdt> in DOCX templates
  • Increase Docx report engine's stack to cope with more complex templates
  • Always report Tuition Fees to SVTS in cents per hour even if Invoice is entered differently
  • Fix bug freezing Enrolment page
  • Add LLN? field to Enrolment

  • When importing Enrolment Forms, apply default Delivery Location after applying the Course Template
  • Hide PO Box postcode / suburbs when entering residentual addresses
  • Allow 5 digit tuition fees in Victoria
  • Report Credit Transfer tuition fees as zero (rather than blank) in Victoria for 2021
  • Update requirement for Victoria in 2021 - an Invoice is always needed, even for Fee for Service
  • Hide Correctional Centers from Assessments Entered report
  • Next draft of Assessments Entered report
  • Improved Assessments Entered report

  • Fix bug that automatically selects an incorrect Employer Contact on the Add Enrolment page
  • Additional Pre-Enrolment audit checks

  • Enable Possibly incorrect USI Transcripts report for 2020
  • Add Release to Employer field
  • Defer renewal of Machine Credentials until 2 months before expiry

  • Permission to release records to current employer?
  • Add report Possibly incorrect USI Transcripts
  • Extend Course Template's Assessment & Completion behaviour to allow Deferred Assessments.
  • Add Compare AVETMISS Export with...
  • Apply search constraints before exporting to Excel

  • Include not yet started units in CQS Export

  • Import Import Units of Competency page
  • Escape quote and ampersand characters in file names from {Save As}
  • Update Import Epsilon RTO Report
  • Students in multiple enrolments only get one Touch Base Letter (for lowest course code level)

All changes.