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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

AUSkey is Changing

AUSkeys are being decommissioned on Friday the 27th of March 2020. See AUSkey is Changing for more details and the steps you need to take.


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Recent updates

Improve comment fields so they do not clear when the page is redrawn
  • Filter Employers with active Enrolments

  • Export Employers to XLSX format

  • Export Search Invoices to XLSX format

  • Include Employer details in Search Invoices extra export

  • Add Search Enrolments with Concession

  • Select Employer when Employer is Invoiced

Fix Email report engine when an element ends in a skipped state
  • Allow Log out by force for users with User.drop permission

  • Improve View Invoice and Statement of Fees
  • Import Training Dates produces xlsx files

  • Add Search Statement of Fees
  • Improve importing from training.gov.au

  • Add a Rules tab to the View Course page

  • Check that at least one Module starting at 0 days for a Course Template with Assessment and Completion behaviour

  • Add Citizenship, Proof of Age and Concession Sighted and Expiry fields

  • Do not suggest a Statement of Attainment just for Credit Transfers

  • Allow Other Fees to be attached to a single Module

Improve editing of Statement of Fees and Invoices
  • Ensure Schedule For is always valid whilst editing Events

  • Remove reference to Statement of Fees during AVETMISS Export
  • Prepare for RPL and CT in Training Plans

  • Prepare for Concession and Government Contribution details in Statement of Fees

  • Prepare for Other Fees linked to Module Enrolments

  • Prepare for sighting of Citizenship and Proof of Age

  • Prepare for shared Employer Invoice numbers
  • Improve Search Module Enrolments export to Excel including Mark

All changes.