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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

AUSkey is Changing

AUSkeys are being decommissioned on Friday the 27th of March 2020. See AUSkey is Changing for more details and the steps you need to take.


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Recent updates

Update Import Training Dates for Cloud Assess

New AVETMISS Export ready for testing

Allow linking Delivery Location to existing Employer

Fix entry of Invoices when the Employer Invoiced? question is not enabled

Get Queensland Administrative Payments exporting again

Default USI Exemption to none when importing

Add USI Individual Exemption
  • Overhall Invoice Numbers allowing a number to be shared accross multiple invoices when Invoiced to Employer

  • Allow for UTC dates whilst importing Training Dates
  • Fix Receive Payment error when Invoices are numbered

  • Turn of Employer invoiced without backspacing Employer name

Do not hide Correctional Centres in the Assessments Entered report

Ensure Tuition and RPL fees are the same when in SVTS Compliance mode
  • Add contact details to Delivery Location

  • Add Employment Agency Contact field to Enrolment
  • Implement Schedule for on Training Plan

  • Update columns expected by Import Enrolment Form
  • Add Invoice as scheduled by Statement of Fees

  • Only ask for Citizenship and Proof of Age expiry dates when appopriate

Fix Import Training Dates when there is an implied Competent

Add refund to Invoices

Fix Email Settings when only a single domain is active
  • Add Enrolment Date and Funding to export on Search for Invoices page

  • Add {Attach 'Report Name' with Variable = Value} to Email reports

  • Fix bug in Scheduled Invoices

Do not send Touch Base Letters if student is not Available for survey use

Add due within option to Scheduled Invoices report
  • Check that Due dates on Statement of Fees are not before the Enrolment Date

  • Update to USI Web Services version 4

  • Add Search Enrolments with no Statement of Fees

  • Whilst Importing Training Dates do not import end date if start date does not exist

  • Pre-fill Statement of Fees from Invoices or previous version
  • Show Audit suggestions in a grid

  • Add Indigenous Status to Search Enrolments with Concession

  • Add draft of Scheduled Invoices page

  • Add Import Training Dates from Cloud Assess

Improve comment fields so they do not clear when the page is redrawn
  • Filter Employers with active Enrolments

  • Export Employers to XLSX format

  • Export Search Invoices to XLSX format

  • Include Employer details in Search Invoices extra export

  • Add Search Enrolments with Concession

  • Select Employer when Employer is Invoiced

All changes.