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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

USI Integration

A new method of integrating Icare with the USI Web Services is available. See USI Integration for details.


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Recent updates

Incorporate Based On and Single Module fields in Supersede By calculation on Audit active Courses and Audit active Modules pages
  • Improve Scheduled Invoices logic for refunds to retain per Hour information and not raise SVTS compliance issues

  • Add Statement of Fees Settled flag to disable new Scheduled Invoice suggestions

  • Add a Module category field
  • Add Policy default Invoice By

  • Add option to invoice refunds separately in Scheduled Invoices

  • Add search by Employer and Delivery Location when searching for Invoices

  • Add export Report To and Start Date options for Export Invoices with Modules

  • Add Refresh action on Scheduled Invoice page

  • Disable items in Scheduled Invoices list as they are completed
  • Fix Clone Course Template for Single Module

  • Export Refund invoices

  • Hide archived Courses using a Module

Export Tuition Fee as zero to RAPT for Did not Start units

Schedule Invoices by Commecement and Completion
  • Add search by Brand and Invoice By to the Search Statement of Fees page

  • Add search by Brand to Scheduled Invoices page

  • Raise an issue on the Scheduled Invoices page for Invoice By's that are not implemented
  • Enable Select a Course button on the Statement of Attainment Register page

  • Do not invoice for modules that are Did not Start

Enable Export Funding Type when Printing on Enrolment Grid page

Add Export Funding Type to Enrolment Grid page
  • Show Archived items on the Audit active Course and Audit active Module pages

  • Improved Add as Common Module placement on the Audit active Module page

Add Superseded? tab to Enrolment page

All changes.