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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

USI Integration

A new method of integrating Icare with the USI Web Services is available. See USI Integration for details.


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Recent updates
  • Add Automatically add Complete Succcessfully policy

  • Add Automatically add Certificate or Statement of Attainment policy

Simplify AVETMISS End of month policy to always use rather than sometimes use. Move the conditional logic into the End of month calculations.

Fix Certificate not issued warning when saving a Complete Successfully event
  • Allow No, ... for Indigenous Status when importing enrolment forms

  • Add Save all emails as sent to Refresher Letters
  • Add as of End of month option to AVETMISS Export

  • Add As end of month policy

Do not show Unpaid Invoices unless enabled in Policy

Fix Proposed Start Date check when editing a Course Template
  • Add audits No Statement of Fees or Invoice and Unpaid Invoices

  • Automatically add a Complete Successfully event after the last module is assessed successfully.

  • Automatically add an award event after the Complete Successfully event has been added.

  • Default Complete Successfully date to be Recent Date
  • When updating Statement of Fees, copy the previous comment

  • Fix refresh of Scheduled Invoices

  • Fix generation of Statement of Fees from invoices
  • Add Export to Excel for Schools

  • Fix switching on SVTS Compliance when there are no RPL modules

  • Improve updates to Statement of Fees by showing suggestions

  • Show modules dates on Edit Statement of Fees to aid scheduling

  • Fix Edit Course Template to enforce entry of proposed dates

Improve error messages

Detect a read-only database

Add Rename Data Source menu item

Ability to display database in preview mode
  • Start to customise Home page

  • Add Search Enrolments with Citizenship

Fix bug in Edit Course Template

Update Count As when from on training.gov.au

Internal refactoring

Improve Generate Refresher Letters logic & navigation

All changes.