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Icare is a student management database helping registered training organisations meet their reporting needs with AVETMISS compliance across all states.

USI Integration

A new method of integrating Icare with the USI Web Services is available. See USI Integration for details.


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Recent updates

Always initialize training.gov.au since we always check the Is VET flag
  • Correct error message when checking Invoice Hours against Scheduled Hours

  • Ensure Statement of Fees clone all Module details such as the Charge for setting
  • Enforce Course Is VET flag for training components on training.gov.au, even when errors have been relaxed, since it impacts the exporting of NAT00130 records

  • Only convert SVTS Enrolment Status from Successfully completed to achieved intended outcome when Report As is without completions (Fixes bug where this was done for Skill Sets because the condition was to broad)

Raise error for not yet started units not in the Statement of Fees whilst preparing a RAPT export

Change Enrolment Is default to Open on Search Enrolments with/out USI

Add Common Modules from Units of Competency Named in the packaging rules

Improve the Create superseding Course logic, automatically selecting units that are common across packaging rules

Avoid error Attended Hours must be between 1 and 9999 when Zero Hours or Did not start has been selected

Incorporate Based On and Single Module fields in Supersede By calculation on Audit active Courses and Audit active Modules pages
  • Improve Scheduled Invoices logic for refunds to retain per Hour information and not raise SVTS compliance issues

  • Add Statement of Fees Settled flag to disable new Scheduled Invoice suggestions

  • Add a Module category field

All changes.