Icare software

Add an Employer

Icare has the ability to records employers and link student enrolments to those employers. This is particularly helpful, if you have a number of traineeship or apprenticeship students as you can use the Manage Employer function to manage their employers and their contact details. Another circumstance where this feature is helpful is when you have a number of students whom are all employed by the same person/company. In this instance, you can use the Manage Employer function to group the students.

To add an Employer, select Management from the Home page. Under the Employers and Schools heading, select Manage Employers. Select Add an Employer from the Employers box on the left. This will open the Add Employer data page for you to add the employers details.

This may be either the Company Name or the Owner Name or a combination of both, e.g.Sparks Electricals (Glenn Spark).
Enter the employer Address, e.g. 15 Collins Street, Heidelberg 3084. Refer to Entering Addresses on Icare for further details.
Mailing Address
If different from the Employer address, enter the mailing address, if not, leave this field blank.
Enter the Business Phone number, e.g. (03) 9865 3212
Enter the Busines Fax number, e.g. (03) 9865 3213
Enter a contact e-mail address, e.g. info@sparkselectrical.com.au

Under the Additional heading, you can choose to add the employer to a Group.

Select the desired group e.g. McDonalds or leave this field blank.
Employer groups can be useful if you would like to link employers. That is, if you have several employers that are part of a retail chain or franchise, you can enter the employers at the store level (which is where the supervisor would be) but allocate each store to an employergroup that is the overall company.

Under the Delivery Location heading you can determine if this employer is a delivery location. That is, will training be conducted at this location?

Delivery Location
If the employer will be a delivery location, then select Add Employer as Delivery Location. If the employer will not be a delivery location, choose, Employer is not a Delivery Location.
If Delivery location identfiers have been set up as Automatic Identifiers, then this field will be automatically updated. If not, enter the desired Identifer.
This will automatically be the employer name from above.

Select Save Changes.

An Employer can be linked to the enrolments of their employees. This is done either when Adding a new enrolment, or by editing an enrolment.

Add a contact

Once you have added an employer, you can Add a Contact. This would most likely be a Manager, supervisor or another person who might need to be contacted in relation to training activities.

From the Employer page, Select Add a Contact from the Contacts box on the left.

Enter some personal details about the contact person, for example:

Enter the persons Surname Sparks
Given Names
Enter the persons Given name Glenn
Select whether the contact is Male, Female or @Not Stated Male
Optionally, you may enter the persons Date of Birth 29/04/1965.

From the I would like to box, Select Search for Existing. This will result in one of two things occurring:

1. If there are people already entered into the database with similar details, the database will provide a list of them on the "Existing Person?" page. You can double click on the people listed to see more information about them in order to check they are the person you require.

2. If there are no people in the database with similar details, the Add contact page will be displayed with the details you have already entered included. From here you can continue adding the new persons details.

Once all details have been entered Select Save Changes from the I would like to box.

To edit a Contacts details, go to the employer page, highlight the desired contact and select Edit Contact from the Contacts box on the left.

It is possible to add multiple Contact people for a single employer, by repeating the process above. One contact can be designated as the Primary Contact (see below).

To designate one contact as the Primary contact for an employer:

The contact will be marked with an asterix in the Contact list and will be listed as the Primary contact under the Delivery Location heading. If an employer has more than one contact, there will be an option to change the Primary contact, if desired.