Icare software

Add a Module Enrolment

Module enrolments are generally added when the student is first enroled in a course, however they may also be added at a later date.

To add a module enrolment to an existing course enrolment, search for the enrolment using the Search enrolments or search via the Student using the Student Search on the Home page.

To add a module enrolment to a new Course Enrolment, follow the Add an Enrolment instructions to create the course enrolment.

Once you have navigated to the Enrolment page, select Add a Module Enrolment from the Module Enrolments box on the left.

If there are Common Modules associated with the course, they will be listed on the Course page. You can then select from these modules or you can Select Modules from Master List by clicking this option from the I would like to box.

Multiple Modules can be selected at the same time by holding down the Control key.

Highlight the module(s) you wish to add and then select Add highlighted Modules to Enrolment.

Icare will then prompt you to select a Course Folder for the modules. Select the desired course folder by double-clicking on it or by highlighting the folder and selecting Select highlighted Course Folder from the Course Folders box.

The required modules will then be displayed under the chosen Course Folder.

Additional information is not required to be added for these modules as they will inherit the default details from the main course enrolment. You can however, edit this data if desired by highlighting the module and selecting Edit Module Enrolment from the Module Enrolments box. For example, you may wish to select a specifc funding type for one or two modules that is different to the overall course funding.

From this point, you can add dates and assign trainers for the modules by creating a Training Plan Event.