Icare software

Complete Successfully Event

A Complete Successfully Event records that an enrolment has been fully completed and will have not futher training or assessment activities recorded for it. A Complete Successfully Event should be entered into Icare, prior to a Certificate Event being generated.

To add a Complete Successfully Event , navigate to the enrolments page for the desired student.

From the Events box on the left, click on Add Event.

Select Complete Successfully from the Add Event drop down list. This will open the Add Event page. At the top of this page there will be some general details about the enrolment (refer to Add Event for details).

Under the Heading Complete Successfully several fields will be available for data entry as shown below. Refer to Add Event for further details on these fields, if required.

This field will state Complete Successfully. Leave this as is, or edit it if desired
For example, If successful completion of a course requires a number of practical hours to be completed, you may include 200 hours practical experience completed in the comments field.

Click Save Changes from the I would like to box to save the event.