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Comment Event

Comment events:

To add a Comment Event, first navigate to the enrolments page for the desired student by:

From the Events box on the left, click on Add Event.

Select Comment from the Add Event drop down list. This will open the Add Event page. At the top of this page, some general details about the enrolment will be listed including:

Report To
Enrolment Date

These fields will have been pre-filled from the enrolment data and cannot be changed on this page.

Under the heading Comment several fields will be avaible for data entry.

The current date will be displayed in this field, however it can be edited if the Comment Event is recording something that occurred on an earlier date.
This field will state Comment. You may leave this as is, or you might choose to provide further information about the type of Comment e.g. Comment - Outbound Phone Call or Comment - Traineeship Registration Letter Received.
This field is available for you to include additional details, as appropriate.

Under the heading Referenced Modules there will be a No Modules statement.

To add a Referenced Module, select Add Modules from the Referenced Modules box on the left. This will open the Add Referenced Modules to Event page and will list all modules under the current enrolment.

Choose the desired module by highlighting it and selecting Add highlighted Module Enrolment to Event from the Module Enrolments box on the left. The selected module(s) will then be listed under the Referenced Modules heading.

The same Comment event can be added to Multiple modules by holding down the Control Key while selecting all the desired the modules.

Click Save Changes from the I would like to box to save the event.