Icare software

Add Event page

Activities that occur are recorded in Icare as Events. There can be any number of events linked to an enrolment, or linked to one or more modules within an enrolment.

Within Icare you can choose to Add Event or Add Other Event. The process used is the same, these are just different menu options used to group the events.

These Events are listed seperately as the Add Event group are the most commonly used and relate to Standard Activities that would be used at the module level. The Add Other Event group are more generic and more frequently linked to an enrolment. A full list of default Events have been listed below:

Archive Box Assessment Attendance
Cancelled Certificate Comment
Complete Successfully Complete Unsuccessfully Contact
Fee Fee Payment Fee Schedule
Internal Transfer Resume enrolment Statement of Attainment
Statement of Results Suspend Enrolment Task Complete
Training Training Plan Training Plan Revised

Icare contains a number of built in Event templates that can be used and/or edited to suit the needs of your RTO. Alternatively, you may create your own Event Template by adding an Event Template.

The current "Built in" Event Templates fall under several Event Types and are listed below:

Event Type Event Templates
Training Plan Training Plan
Training Plan Revised Training Plan Revised
Training Training



Contact Contact
Comment Comment
Complete Successfully Complete Successfully
Complete Unsuccessfully Complete Unsuccessfully
Cancelled Cancelled
Certificate Certificate
Statement of Attainment Statement of Attainment