Icare software

Contact Event

Contact events:

To add a Contact Event, first navigate to the enrolments page for the desired student.

Highlight the relevant module(s) by clicking on it.

From the Events box on the left, click on Add Event.

Select Contact from the Add Event drop down list. This will open the Add Event page. At the top of this page there will be some general details about the enrolment (refer to Add Event for details).

Under the Heading Training several fields will be available for data entry as shown below. Refer to Add Event for further details on these fields, if required.

This field will state Contact. Leave this as is, or edit it to provide further information about the type of Contact e.g. Contact - Group Training or Contact - Outbound Email.

Under the heading Referenced Modules, the modules you initially selected from the enrolment screen will be displayed. These are the modules for which this Contact event will be recorded.

If you want to include additional modules, you may add them now. To add a Referenced Module, select Add Modules from the Referenced Modules box on the left. This will open the Add Referenced Modules to Event page and will list all modules under the current enrolment.

Choose the desired module by highlighting it and selecting Add highlighted Module Enrolment to Event from the Module Enrolments box on the left. The selected module(s) will then be listed under the Referenced Modules heading.

Click Save Changes from the I would like to box to save the event.