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Training Plan Revised Event

If changes need to be made to a Training Plan, then rather than editing the Training Plan Event a new Training Plan Revised Event should be created. Changes to a training plan may include:

There is a Training Plan Revised Event Template built into Icare that can be used to easily establish a training plan revised event.

Add a Training Plan Revised Event

To add a Training Plan Revised Event, first navigate to the enrolments page for the desired student.

From the Events box on the left, click on Add Event.

Select Training Plan Revised Event from the Add Event drop down list. This will open the Add Event page.

Training Plan

Under the heading Training Plan several fields will be avaible for data entry. Refer to Add Event for further details on these fields, if required.

If desired, enter the Trainer name in this field. This is a record of the trainer that participated in the revision of the training plan.
This field will state Training Plan Revised. You may leave this as is, or edit it if you wish.

Revised Course Enrolment

Under the heading Revised Course Enrolment are two data entry fields.

Enter a Trainer name in this field if desired.
This trainer field is used when one trainer is responsible for all the training, or if one trainer is responsible for the majority of the training. If the modules are trained by a number of different trainers, leave this field blank and assign a trainer against each module (as described below).
Proposed Completion Date
Enter the revised training completion date.

Scheduled Modules

Under the heading Scheduled Modules will be listed:

You may also include modifications to other enrolled modules that have not automatically been listed. To add these modules to the Training Plan Revised Event:

You can enter the revised length of time required to complete each module and/or, assign a different trainer. This data is entered as described under Training Plan Event.

Proposed Start Date
The new Proposed Start Date will replace any previously assigned date.
Propsed End Date
The new Proposed End Date will replace any previously assigned date.
Assign Trainer
The new trainer will replace any previously assigned trainer for that module.

Repeat this process to make modifications for all the required modules. If several modules will have the same time frame and/or trainer, these can be entered as a Bulk Entry.

Click Save Changes from the I would like to box to save the event.