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NAT00010 - Training Organisation File

AVETMISS Field Name Icare Field Name
Training Organisation Identifier RTO National RTO #
Training Organisation Name RTO Name
Training Organisation Type Identifier RTO Type
Address First Line RTO Address (line 1)
Address Second Line RTO Address (line 2)
Address Location - Suburb or Town or Locality RTO Address (line 3)
Postcode RTO Address (line 3)
State Identifier RTO Address (line 3)
Contact Name RTO Contact
Telephone Number RTO Phone
Facsimile Number RTO Facsimile
E-mail Address RTO Email
Software product name Automatically reported by Icare

How do I get to the Relevant field?

Management Manage RTO Add/Edit RTO


It’s critical that these fields are correct and kept current. This is the data source that Skills Victoria use when they need to contact the RTO.

AVETMISS / Icare Mapping