Icare software


If you are new to Icare, the first task to building your personalised database will be to include your RTO details as described below:

The National RTO # should be your RTO Code as listed on the http://training.gov.au website

Once the RTO has been entered and saved, Add RTO (on the left hand side of the page), will change to Edit RTO.

Having entered your RTO, you will then need to specify the states that your RTO will report to.

This will be the same as your National RTO # in most cases. The main exception is Queensland, where you will have been given a Queensland specific number for AVETMISS reporting.

Multiple Report to options can be added simply by clicking Add a Report to for each reporting State, as required. You can also View Report To, Edit Report To and Delete Report To as required using the options in the Report To box on the left hand side.