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AVETMISS release 8.0 comes into effect from the 1st of January 2018. This document outlines the changes from release 7.0 to release 8.0 and what actions need to be taken.

Actions to be taken for 2018

The following actions need to be taken before your first enrolments and AVETMISS submission in 2018:

  • plan and implement changes to the Delivery Mode field,

  • update your Enrolment Form for the 1st of January 2018 onwards,

Read about the new Delivery Mode codes for 2018 on the Delivery Methods page and then implement the changes by following the Delivery Method 2018 Guide.

The Enrolment Form changes are:

  • remove Proficiency in spoken English,

  • remove Year highest school level completed,

  • optionally add Email Address (Alternative),

  • confirm that your Privacy Statement & Student Declaration section states that students can opt out of surveys at the time of contact. Refer to the Survey Contact Status field for how students can opt out.

You may wish to review your Enrolment Form using the following standard enrolment questions as provided in the AVETMISS specification:

NCVER Standard enrolmnt questions example forms


Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines - 2018

https://www.education.vic.gov.au/training/providers/rto/Pages/datacollection.aspx (look for document Victorian VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines - 2018 and refer to Appendix 1).

Supporting documentation

The following supporting documents are available: