Icare software

AVETMISS release 8.0 comes into effect from the 1st of January 2018. The following is a summary of changes between release 7.0 and release 8.0.

Changed field definitions

The following field definitions have changed:

Delivery Mode

This field has become more detailed, expanding from four to thirteen options.

You will need to assess which of the new options are applicable to your RTO and implement them within Icare using your RTO’s preferred vocabulary. You will probably use existing vocabulary from your training plans and other documents such as your training and assessment strategy.

Once implemented you can start using these new options immediately and Icare will handle the transition from 2017 into 2018 without further work by you.

See the Delivery Methods page for details of the code changes.

Follow the Delivery Method 2018 Guide to implement your options.

Date program completed

Known in Icare as the Enrolment Completion Date.

This field has changed from just the year, to the full date. You are already entering a date in each Complete Successfully, Complete Unsuccessfully or Cancelled event and so no further data entry is required.

Additional fields

The following fields have been added:

Survey contact status

This field identifies reasons where students should be excluded from the Student Outcomes Survey and other communications.

See the Survey Contact Status page for further details.

Email Address (Alternative)

You can now enter an optional second email addresses for each student.

Parchment number & issue date

These fields will be reported based on the existing entry of Certificate and Statement of Attainment events.

Rules of when these fields are mandatory will be determined by each state training authority.

You may need to turn on Certificate and Statement of Attainment numbering in the Manage Policy section of Icare.

Deleted fields

The following fields have been deleted:

Subject flag (Module type)

This field distinguished units of competency in a national training package from modules (accredited or otherwise).

Proficiency in spoken English identifier

You can remove this from your Enrolment Form starting the 1st of January 2017.

Year highest school level completed

You can remove this from your Enrolment Form starting the 1st of January 2017.

Additional files

Two of the AVETMISS files now have two variants, a standard variant and an A variant. The new A variant has an additional A at the end of the name. The two files that have a two variants are:

  • NAT00010 Training organisation (RTO), new variant NAT00010A,

  • NAT00030 Program (Course), new variant NAT00030A.

Each AVETMISS Export will only contain one of each variant. Which variant is used depends on which state you are reporting to. The national specification defines NAT00010A to be used for reporting non-registered training organisation data , and NAT00030A to be used for reporting non-accredited training data.