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Click on the Management title under the Management heading.

Many options are available which allow you to manage:


Under RTO, one option is to Manage Delivery Locations. The ID number and Name of each delivery location is user defined so you can choose to be as specific or as genral as you wish. Consistency is ideal and the amount of detail included will only affect the statistical information you can extract out of the database.

For example, you may wish to list your delivery locations using suburbs and post codes (as the name and ID number), but for a more detailed approach you may choose building names and numbers. Some RTO's that conducted Workplace training may choose to list the delivery location as the workplace.


If you have a number of traineeship or apprenticeship students, you may like to use the Employers function to manage their employers and their contact details. An Employer can be linked to the enrolments of their employees. This is done either when Adding a new enrolment, or by editing an enrolment.


Manage Courses is the option to select so you can manage your courses under the Courses page. On this page you can edit, add or delete courses. You can also use the option to Import a Qualification from TGA. That is, rather than typing information into the database you can use a Wizard to extract the information from training.gov.au.

Funding Types

Under the heading Setup there is an option to Manage Funding Types. This takes you to the Funding Types page allows the RTO to list the standard Funding types that apply to their students. The RTO can choose the name that they would like to use for each funding type. This way, it can be tailored to suit the RTO's needs.


Manage Marks (also located under the Setup heading), opens the Marks page. This is where the RTO will create and manage the different Marks or Grades that will be reported for all students. The actual Marks and the associated abbreviations must be determined and created at the set up stage.

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