Icare software

Add Event

Events are added from the Enrolments page. To navigate to the enrolments page:

First, find the required Student using the Search box on the Home page and then open the desired Enrolment page by double-clicking on the Enrolment.

Highlight the relevant module by clicking on it.

The same event can be added to Multiple modules by holding down the Control Key while selecting all the desired the modules.

From the Events box on the left, click on Add Event.

Select the desired event from the list e.g. Training. This will open the Add Event page.

The top of the Add Event page will list some details about the event including:

Report To
Enrolment Date

These fields will have been pre-filled from the enrolment data and cannot be changed on this page.

Following this will be some fields that for data entry. These fields may be pre-filled and can be changed if required. These may include:

The current date will be displayed in this field, however it may be edited if desired.
If desired, enter the Trainer name in this field. Start typing the trainer name and then select from the options as they are displayed. Alternatively, click on the three dots at the end of the field to display a list of trainers. If desired, you may leave this field blank.
If the desired Trainer is not on the list, you will need to Add a Trainer.
This field will state the type of event e.g. Training. You may leave this as it is, or you might choose to provide further information about the event, e.g. Training - Group Training or Training - Online Training.
This field is displayed under the Events heading on the enrolments page, so a little additional information here may be advantageous.
This field is available for you to include additional information or comments about the training conducted, if required.

Additional field options may be available on the Add Event page, depending on the event type. Refer to individual event topics for further information.