Icare software


Reports in Icare are designed as Microsoft Word documents saved in Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Commands and fields are written inside the report templates surrounded by curly braces. For example:

 {Ask for Student}
 {Student Name}

Ask command

Every report will have at least one Ask command. For example:

 {Ask for Student}

This informs Icare of the primary subject of the report. In the above example the report is about a single Student and you will be able to print this report from the Student page


Anything inside curly braces that are not recognised as a command is treated as a field.

A field can be composed of just the field name or the record and field name in sequence. For example:

 {Student Name}

The above two fields are the same as long as long as there are no other fields called {Name} on any other records. See Ambiguous fields.

A complete list of record and fields names are available in Report fields.