Icare software

Student page

The student page shows the Student's name and contact details. The Student's enrolments will commonly be shown also unless you came via the Enrolment page.

A students details are broken into two parts:

To see the AVEMTISS Enrolment form details you can click on the View Student Avetmiss link under the I would like to menu.

How to get here

Since Icare is centred around enrolments rather than student you will not find your self looking at the Student page very often.

To get to this page from:

Enrolment page.
Click the student's name in the top details section.
Home page.
Search for the student by typing their name into the Student search box. Select the student from the quick list or press enter.
If you get sent to the Enrolments page because Icare found more than one student matching your search then highlight the student in the list and click the View Enrolment link under the Enrolments menu on the left.