Icare software


Icare is made up of client and server components. The client components are installed on each users PC, there may be many client installations. The server (or database) components are installed in one place and provide services to all of the client installations.

If there will only be one user the the client and server components can be installed on the same machine, i.e. your own laptop.

Client Components

There are two components that need to be installed on each users PC:

Download both from here.

The first time you run Icare it will ask you to add a Data Source.

Each time you start Icare it will check for upgrades. This check is performed whilst you are looking at the Login page. If an upgrade is found, an upgrade link will appear above the user name and password boxes.

NOTE: It is possible to login quicker than the upgrade check can complete and you will not see the upgrade link. You will not miss the upgrade, just start Icare again and wait for the upgrade check to complete.

Server Components

A discussion of Database Software Choices.

For detailed installation instructions: