Icare software

Database Software LocalDB

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Installation Guide

Use the following Installation Guide.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has a LocalDB edition that is the easiest and smallest option for installing the Icare software on a standalone PC.


One click backup

You can backup your Icare database from directly in the Icare software.

This option is only available when using the LocalDB option, all other database choices require you to prepare backup systems external to the Icare software.

Simple to install

Only three components need to be installed:

Small download

The above three components only total to about 40MB of downloads. Compare this with the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express edition (with Tools) that is 700MB on its own.


A LocalDB backup can be restored into a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express installation giving you multi-computer access.



The database can only be accessed from the one computer.

Windows 7

You need to have Windows 7 or newer installed to use this edition of Microsoft SQL Server.