Icare software

Add a Trainer

Trainers can be entered on Icare and can be linked to individual modules within an enrolment, or to a course template.

To enter a Trainer, click on the Management menu option and then select Manage Trainers from under the RTO heading.

Select Add a trainer from the Trainer box on the left. The Add Trainer page will displayed.

Enter some personal details about the Trainer, for example:

Enter the persons Surname e.g. Jones
Given Names
Enter the persons Given name e.g. Beth
Select whether the contact is Male, Female or @Not Stated e.g. Female
Optionally, you may enter the persons Date of Birth e.g. 16/05/1960.

From the I would like to box, Select Search for Existing. This will result in one of two things occurring:

1. If there are people already entered into the database with similar details, the database will provide a list of them on the "Existing Person?" page. You can double click on the people listed to see more information about them in order to check they are the person you require.

2. If there are no people in the database with similar details, the Add Trainer page will be displayed with the details you have already entered included. From here you can continue adding the new Trainers details. Refer to Entering Addresses on Icare for extra information on entering address details.

Once all details have been entered Select Save Changes from the I would like to box.

To edit a Trainer's contact details, navigate to the Trainer page, highlight the desired Trainer and select Edit Trainer from the Trainer box on the left.