Icare software

Add a Module

If you do not want to Import a Unit of Competency from Training.gov.au, Icare also allows you to add a Module manually. This would only be recommended if the Module you are adding is not a nationally recognised Unit of Competency and is therefore not listed in Training.gov.au.

From the Home page select Management, then Select Manage Modules.

Select Add a Module from the Modules box on the left. The Add Module data entry screen will be displayed. Complete the Data entry screen with the details of your Module.

Enter a Code for your Module
Enter a Name for your Module
When the Module is not a nationally accredited one, enter an RTO defined Module number and name. If the Module is a nationally accredited Unit of Competency, refer to Import a Unit of Competency from Training.gov.au.

Under Behaviours, enter the following:

Leave blank.
Based On
Leave blank.
Report As
In this field, the RTO can either choose to either, enter This module, which will result in the module being reported to AVETMISS under the RTO defined module name and code, or select Not Reported.
Count As
Select Not counted.
This option is chosen, because this field determines whether the completion is included in the RTOs AQTF competency completion data.

Under Classification, enter the following:

Enter Module
Module is chosen when the Module being entered is not a nationally recognised Unit of Competency
Nominal Hours
Enter the number of hours the Module will required to be completed.

There a number of places where the nominal hours for a module can be derived. As this is an RTO defined module, you may be able to estimate your own nominal hours, however if you would like to compare the hours allocated to other accredited modules, refer to Determining Nominal Hours.

Field of Education
Click on the three dots to the right of the field and select the most appropriate category from the list.
Is Vet?
Place a Tick this box.

Once complete, click Save Changes in the I would like to box on the left.

Your new module will now be listed on Icare and can be added as a Common Module to a course if desired.

Modules can also be edited or deleted as required by selecting either the Edit Module or Delete Module option in the Modules box from the Modules page.