Icare software


May 2024
  • Allow No, ... for Indigenous Status when importing enrolment forms

  • Add Save all emails as sent to Refresher Letters
  • Add as of End of month option to AVETMISS Export

  • Add As end of month policy

Do not show Unpaid Invoices unless enabled in Policy

Fix Proposed Start Date check when editing a Course Template
  • Add audits No Statement of Fees or Invoice and Unpaid Invoices

  • Automatically add a Complete Successfully event after the last module is assessed successfully.

  • Automatically add an award event after the Complete Successfully event has been added.

  • Default Complete Successfully date to be Recent Date

April 2024
  • When updating Statement of Fees, copy the previous comment

  • Fix refresh of Scheduled Invoices

  • Fix generation of Statement of Fees from invoices
  • Add Export to Excel for Schools

  • Fix switching on SVTS Compliance when there are no RPL modules

  • Improve updates to Statement of Fees by showing suggestions

  • Show modules dates on Edit Statement of Fees to aid scheduling

  • Fix Edit Course Template to enforce entry of proposed dates

Improve error messages

Detect a read-only database

Add Rename Data Source menu item

Ability to display database in preview mode

March 2024
  • Start to customise Home page

  • Add Search Enrolments with Citizenship

Fix bug in Edit Course Template

Update Count As when from on training.gov.au

Internal refactoring

Improve Generate Refresher Letters logic & navigation

Fine tune Import Training Dates
  • Update Count As when from on training.gov.au

  • Improve Delivery and Survey Data report

February 2024

Fix SVTS Invoice reporting when a Module has zero Scheduled Hours

Streamline AVETMISS Exports usage of database connections

Calculate and store some Enrolment audit suggestions

Get Tasks working again

January 2024
  • Add Export USI to Search Enrolments

  • Add Student # and Contract # to Search Apprenticeship Enrolments

Add Fee Waiver for Victoria

Report zero fees in RAPT Export for proposed modules

December 2023
  • Hide archived Pricings

  • Label Pricings that are not SVTS compliant

  • Label Default Delivery Location as from Intake when disabled

  • Add Search Enrolments with Disabilities

Update MySQL driver version

Fix licence re-assessment error in Custom Save

Round fees to nearest dollar in RAPT Export (instead of rounding up)

Overhaul automatic calculation of enrolment status / dates based on events entered

November 2023

Enable Employer Contacts to be converted to Students when Importing Enrolment Forms (Excel)

Fix SMS Refresher Letters

October 2023

Do not clone a Course Template with a Licence if the Course has no Licence

Add {Publish No Module Codes}

Add ASQA Delivery Data and Student Survey Data report

Fix Proficiency in English requirements for Western Australian students

September 2023

Add {Module Event's Refresh Date} formula

Copy Intake and all Funding details when adding a superseded or recommencing enrolment
  • Add Pending Enrolments:

  • Make Credit Transfer Suggestions on by default

  • Add Training Plans with no dates policy

  • Add No Dates option to Edit Training Plan event

  • Add Scheduled Hours tab on View Enrolment page

  • Suggest Scheduled Hours by subtracting Attended Hours in current or superseded enrolment

  • Add Export to Excel with for ASQA Student Survey Data
  • Add Suggest Credit Transfers policy option (off by default)

  • Suggest Credit Transfers when adding events

  • Remind when Credit Transfers have been scheduled

August 2023
  • Add warnings when deleting Events

  • Disable reports with no persmission

  • Improve display of Other Fees on Course Pricing pages

Implement selection of Course Pricing and Course Template when executing reports
  • Add Chosen Name

  • Add Concession and Government subsidies to Course Pricing
  • Add publishing of Statement of Attendance and Statement of Participation

  • Add policy to choose how a published award is opened
  • Do not raise Already assessed warnings for Interim assessments

  • Show Scheduled for CT on Module Enrolments due to Start

Enable Packages via the Policy page

July 2023
  • Add module to invoice if it has a suggested other fee, even when the module does not have any suggested fees

  • Notice the Scheduled for CT status when manually adding a unit to a Statement of Fees event

  • Add Edit Event sanity checks per Module and Licence
  • Enable Assign Trainer on Training events

  • Improve Edit Event sanity checks

Improve Enrolment Statistics and align Active to match Search Enrolments

Fix Course Template commencing behaviour

Fix selecting trainer on Edit Training Event page

Fix adding Training events with Event References

Refactoring in preparation for additional Add Event validations.
  • Fix importing of Credit Transfer assessments when the enrolment has no proposed or actual dates

  • Update Export to Excel on Module Enrolments Assessed and add Export Employment Status option

June 2023

Add specialisation alias for Certificate report templates

Add Export To and Report To settings for the local installation to control where Avetmiss Export files are sent and where generated reports are saved.

May 2023

Add unit code mapping in Training Dates import

Add Search Licence Enrolments page
  • Add Proposed Completion Date calculations

  • Add Course Specialisation
  • Reuse the transaction's alter rather than allocating three additional

  • Add Email address to Export to Excel when showing Employee number in response to filter by Brand
  • Add Completion Date, Email and Mobile to Statement of Attinment register's Export to Excel

  • Show correct wording for Licence Assessments

  • Fix deleting Licence Assessments from Events

  • Prepare for Course Specialisation
  • Add Consent to release

  • Add Licence Assessments

  • Prepare for Pending Enrolments

April 2023
  • Do not use ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server for the moment

  • Fix silent install of ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server
  • Detect missing & out of date drivers to provide a Download and Install option

  • Allow No charge option on Statemtents of Fees to work in Queensland AVETMISS Exports

March 2023

Apply packaging rules from Based On course when Report As is Based On or Based On with no completions.
  • Assume a USI Machine Credential is valid as soon as it is created

  • Add alternate Active within _ days to the Scheduled Invoices search
  • Allow Report To entries to be archived

  • Un-specialize NCVER AVETMISS reporting so it can be listed alongside State reporting

February 2023
  • Update QR Code generation logic

  • Do not publish a report when specifically asked in Word or PDF format

  • Improve XLSX reader support for formatted strings and common number formats

Add statistics for Country of Birth, Has Disability, Has Prior Education, and Employment Status

Publish issued dates in 8th of February, 2023 format

Fix ConvertAPI when large PDF files are returned

Fix {Save as PDF} via https://convertapi.com

January 2023

Add Withdrawn / Cancelled as Superseded option allowing outcome code 61 and attended hours to be reported

First draft of publishing awards

Fix {Save as PDF} reports
  • Adapt to new Cloud Assess columns when importing Enrolment Forms

  • Relax traineeship/apprenticeship number formats for interstate enrolments in Victoria

Fix importing Qualifications.
  • Add Victorian Cohort field.

  • Update importing of Cloud Assess enrolment forms.

December 2022

The Drivers Licence Card Number is now mandatory in all States and Territories in order to be used to create a USI
  • Show Employment Agency on Enrolment page

  • Search by Employment Agency on Search Enrolment and Search Module Enrolment pages
  • Fix calculation of packaging rules in Add superseding Course

  • Default to Elsewhere on Add superseding Course to not incorrectly suggest a unit is named in packaging rules

November 2022
  • Prepare database for Award Published

  • Add Recent option to Scheduled Invoices

Require Driver's Licence Card Number in Queensland when creating a USI

Update Import Training Dates logic

Fix bug stopping reports from completing

Add ASQA Enrolment and Completion Data export to Search Module Enrolments page

October 2022
  • Allow {QR Code} in footers and tables

  • Remove border from {QR Code}

Add Convert API service to save reports as PDF.
  • Add {Core Or Elective(Folder Name)} function that returns C or E

  • Add Employer Legal Name field

  • Add Course Core Count and Elective Count fields

  • Add Module Enrolment RPL Or CT formula

Fix bug in AVETMISS Export that reports Unable to look up student by identity 1

September 2022

DOCX report templates can now have nested tables

Calculate refund hours for each Scheduled Invoice since hours may have changed since the original invoice that is being refunded.
  • Fix crash when verifying USI

  • Only send explicitly selected student details in USI Locate request

  • Relax timestamp checks in USI requests
  • Update USI Web Services to v5

  • Add a Card Number field to Create USI requests using a Drivers Licence as identity

August 2022

Adapt to latest export format from Cloud Assess

Always initialize training.gov.au since we always check the Is VET flag
  • Correct error message when checking Invoice Hours against Scheduled Hours

  • Ensure Statement of Fees clone all Module details such as the Charge for setting
  • Enforce Course Is VET flag for training components on training.gov.au, even when errors have been relaxed, since it impacts the exporting of NAT00130 records

  • Only convert SVTS Enrolment Status from Successfully completed to achieved intended outcome when Report As is without completions (Fixes bug where this was done for Skill Sets because the condition was to broad)

July 2022

Raise error for not yet started units not in the Statement of Fees whilst preparing a RAPT export

Change Enrolment Is default to Open on Search Enrolments with/out USI

Add Common Modules from Units of Competency Named in the packaging rules

Improve the Create superseding Course logic, automatically selecting units that are common across packaging rules

Avoid error Attended Hours must be between 1 and 9999 when Zero Hours or Did not start has been selected

Incorporate Based On and Single Module fields in Supersede By calculation on Audit active Courses and Audit active Modules pages

June 2022
  • Improve Scheduled Invoices logic for refunds to retain per Hour information and not raise SVTS compliance issues

  • Add Statement of Fees Settled flag to disable new Scheduled Invoice suggestions

  • Add a Module category field
  • Add Policy default Invoice By

  • Add option to invoice refunds separately in Scheduled Invoices

  • Add search by Employer and Delivery Location when searching for Invoices

  • Add export Report To and Start Date options for Export Invoices with Modules

  • Add Refresh action on Scheduled Invoice page

  • Disable items in Scheduled Invoices list as they are completed
  • Fix Clone Course Template for Single Module

  • Export Refund invoices

  • Hide archived Courses using a Module

Export Tuition Fee as zero to RAPT for Did not Start units

Schedule Invoices by Commecement and Completion
  • Add search by Brand and Invoice By to the Search Statement of Fees page

  • Add search by Brand to Scheduled Invoices page

  • Raise an issue on the Scheduled Invoices page for Invoice By's that are not implemented
  • Enable Select a Course button on the Statement of Attainment Register page

  • Do not invoice for modules that are Did not Start

Enable Export Funding Type when Printing on Enrolment Grid page

Add Export Funding Type to Enrolment Grid page

May 2022
  • Show Archived items on the Audit active Course and Audit active Module pages

  • Improved Add as Common Module placement on the Audit active Module page

Add Superseded? tab to Enrolment page

Improve Audit active Modules workflow

  • Separate Audit Module from View Module page

  • Add to Common Modules shortcut for Unknown Packaging audits
  • Better highlight what is normal compared to what needs to be looked at on Audit actual Modules and Audit actual Courses

  • List Course Enrolments using a Module when not in the Common Modules list
  • Rename and improve Audit active Modules

  • Add similar Audit active Courses

  • Standardise Enrolment Is and Module Enrolemt Is logic

  • Add new Open option for both Enrolment Is and Module Enrolemt Is

Trial encoding Children's CHCECE051 specifically for SVTS

Improve flexibility of date/time importing by Import Training Dates

April 2022

Fix Import EPSILON to set new fields of Pre Enrolment

Allow for importing Training Dates when Unit codes have a variant component, to be ignoreed, separated by a dash
  • Add Export School option to Search Module Enrolments

  • Add Support and adjustments to Pre Enrolment

Add selection page for Single Module on Course

March 2022
  • Calculate Proposed Start Dates from Event Date unless a Proposed Commencement Date exists on the event

  • Add No Dates option to Module Enrolments due to Start

  • Add Not Started option to Module Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Revise Module Enrolment Is for


    Only if started,

    Due to Start

    Only if a proposed start date exists,

    Due to End

    Only if started,
  • Import Gap Training Dates

  • Rename Import Cloud Assess to Import Enrolment Forms Excel
  • Do not disable Expired next to Concession Sighted

  • Improve Scheduled Invoices after a Refund has gone through

February 2022

Check RTO Name against Legal Name and Trading Names

Implement USI Creation via broker

Log USI request & response details to the Icare Files folder

Import Queensland postcodes from EPSILON
  • Understand Not specified while importing Cloud Assess enrolment forms.

  • First draft of USI Services via a broker.

Update Import Cloud Assess Enrolment Forms

Allow for units that are superseded by themselves, for example THTFTG14A
  • Allow Invoices to be negative (for refunds)

  • Fix Schedule Invoices logic for CT

Improve classification suggestions that contain spaces

January 2022

Do not report a Workplace ABN when Credit Transfer

Fix entry of money amounts with commas in

Add ABN to Employer page
  • Improve Delivery Location ABN must not be blank messages

  • Implement Recommenced and Superseded links on Enrolment page
  • Update for SVTS reporting in 2022

  • Add Delivery Location ABN for SVTS reporting in 2022

  • Add Commencing while at school for SVTS reporting in 2022

  • Add {QR Code} report command

Add Last Year option to Monthly Enrolment Statistics
  • Fix auto select logic when templates contain superseded units

  • Add ASQA Recent Awards Request report

Ignore depreciated Count As field when validating the Based On field

December 2021

Add helper to transition from superseded Courses
  • Allow Other Fees to be linked to Modules in Course Pricing

  • Add Pricing to Course Template

  • Add Schedules to Course Template

Add Audit Apply updates from training.gov.au
  • Flag Courses when they are a Single Module

  • Improve display of Supersede By and Transition By
  • Add Supersede By to Course and Module

  • Add Transition By to Course and Module

  • Add Packaging Rule to Modules in Course

  • Highlight superseded Qualifications and Units of Competency

November 2021

Always export Employer Invoiced as No when Course Fee is zero (Western Australia RAPT)
  • Report Tuition Fee as $0.00 to avoid SVTS Failure whilst waiting X days to raise an invoice.

  • Improve recommencing & superseding suggestions whilst enrolling

Fix Import Training Dates to find correct enrolment when only assessment dates are being imported.

Validate SRTO1 and SRTO2 modules if they have been manually entered

Fix AVETMISS Export in Queensland for enrolments including a unit proposed to start in a year prior to the commencement date.

Enable new AVETMISS Export logic

October 2021

Place Active Modules next to Manage Modules

Add Module Enrolments revise Training Plan
  • Do not expect Invoices for Did not Start enrolments

  • Allow builtin Invoice event template to have it's modules field changed

  • Enable Employer selection page for Invoice and Statement of Fees events

  • Use Statement of Fees for Invoice defaults if it exists

  • Clean up display of Scheduled Invoices

  • Audit Multiple invoices for a single module enrolment

  • Audit Invoiced CT for a non-CT module enrolment

Check Audit suggestions incrementally rather than all at once
  • Strip brackets and spaces from phone numbers before sending to USI Web Services

  • Export Mobile to Worksafe Victoria if either Home Phone or Work Phone are empty
  • Do not treat 61 Superseded Subject as Credit Transfer in Invoices and Statements of Fees

  • Fix importing from training.gov.au when an item has already been imported in the past
  • Add new AVETMISS RAPT Export for testing

  • Add support for Statement of Fees to new AVETMISS Exports

  • Add multi-select Funding Types for CSQ Export

Add Export to Excel with Modules to Search Invoices

Add Invoices Due for Commencements

Update Import Training Dates

Improve new AVETMISS Export - recursively collect recommencements

September 2021

Update Import Training Dates for Cloud Assess

New AVETMISS Export ready for testing

Allow linking Delivery Location to existing Employer

Fix entry of Invoices when the Employer Invoiced? question is not enabled

Get Queensland Administrative Payments exporting again

Default USI Exemption to none when importing

August 2021

Add USI Individual Exemption
  • Overhaul Invoice Numbers allowing a number to be shared across multiple invoices when Invoiced to Employer

  • Allow for UTC dates whilst importing Training Dates
  • Fix Receive Payment error when Invoices are numbered

  • Turn of Employer invoiced without backspacing Employer name

Do not hide Correctional Centres in the Assessments Entered report

July 2021

Ensure Tuition and RPL fees are the same when in SVTS Compliance mode
  • Add contact details to Delivery Location

  • Add Employment Agency Contact field to Enrolment
  • Implement Schedule for on Training Plan

  • Update columns expected by Import Enrolment Form
  • Add Invoice as scheduled by Statement of Fees

  • Only ask for Citizenship and Proof of Age expiry dates when appopriate

Fix Import Training Dates when there is an implied Competent

Add refund to Invoices

Fix Email Settings when only a single domain is active
  • Add Enrolment Date and Funding to export on Search for Invoices page

  • Add {Attach 'Report Name' with Variable = Value} to Email reports

  • Fix bug in Scheduled Invoices

Do not send Touch Base Letters if student is not Available for survey use

Add due within option to Scheduled Invoices report
  • Check that Due dates on Statement of Fees are not before the Enrolment Date

  • Update to USI Web Services version 4

  • Add Search Enrolments with no Statement of Fees

  • Whilst Importing Training Dates do not import end date if start date does not exist

  • Pre-fill Statement of Fees from Invoices or previous version

June 2021
  • Show Audit suggestions in a grid

  • Add Indigenous Status to Search Enrolments with Concession

  • Add draft of Scheduled Invoices page

  • Add Import Training Dates from Cloud Assess

Improve comment fields so they do not clear when the page is redrawn
  • Filter Employers with active Enrolments

  • Export Employers to XLSX format

  • Export Search Invoices to XLSX format

  • Include Employer details in Search Invoices extra export

  • Add Search Enrolments with Concession

  • Select Employer when Employer is Invoiced

Fix Email report engine when an element ends in a skipped state
  • Allow Log out by force for users with User.drop permission

  • Improve View Invoice and Statement of Fees
  • Import Training Dates produces xlsx files

  • Add Search Statement of Fees
  • Improve importing from training.gov.au

  • Add a Rules tab to the View Course page

  • Check that at least one Module starting at 0 days for a Course Template with Assessment and Completion behaviour

  • Add Citizenship, Proof of Age and Concession Sighted and Expiry fields

  • Do not suggest a Statement of Attainment just for Credit Transfers

  • Allow Other Fees to be attached to a single Module

Improve editing of Statement of Fees and Invoices
  • Ensure Schedule For is always valid whilst editing Events

  • Remove reference to Statement of Fees during AVETMISS Export

May 2021
  • Prepare for RPL and CT in Training Plans

  • Prepare for Concession and Government Contribution details in Statement of Fees

  • Prepare for Other Fees linked to Module Enrolments

  • Prepare for sighting of Citizenship and Proof of Age

  • Prepare for shared Employer Invoice numbers
  • Improve Search Module Enrolments export to Excel including Mark
  • Keep schedules in order when editing Statement of Fees
  • Export Outcome 61 Superseded to RAPT

  • Export to *.xlsx from Module Enrolment pages
  • Allow Equipment field of Statement of Participations when Certificate add-on is enabled

  • Fix opt-in of Invoices during Course Template application

  • Fix saving and deleting of Statement of Fees events
  • Add Policy Statement of Participation equipment is mandatory

  • Add Policy Invoice during Course Template

  • Add basic Money functions

Add Invoices not raised audit

Simplify Add Pre-Enrolment process, do not ask for items when only one exists
  • Add schdules and No charge to Statement of Fees

  • Add Proposed Commencement Date, Concession Type and Course Template to Pre Enrolments

  • Add Equipment field to Statements of Participation

April 2021

Ignore Statement of Fees uring export to AVETMISS
  • Fix Search Enrolments missing Apprenticeship numbers

  • Check Audit suggestions every 30 minutes (was in the background)

Improved hidding of Certificate, Statement of Attainment and Statement of Participation events based on Level of Education and Enrolment Status
  • Enable use of current ODBC drivers for LocalDB data sources

  • Add Code and Title formatting options for classification fields

  • Improve flow for Pre Enrolment with matching Enrolment audit

Update Search Enrolments pages to export to XLSX format

March 2021

Add Export to Excel to Statement/Certificate not issued pages

Fix Print All on Search Invoices page

Fix repeating of sections in Docx reports
  • Add filter by Intake to Search Module Enrolment pages

  • Add filter by Employer to Search Invoices page

  • Add Print All to Search Invoices page

Add {Date # Month Year} and {Date # Year Month} formats

Ensure Icare is digitally signed

Always import a Proposed End Date when importing Training Dates

Add Queensland JobTrainer funding codes JT1, JT2, JT4, JT6, JT7 and JT8.

February 2021

Enable use of <w:sdt> in DOCX templates

Increase Docx report engine's stack to cope with more complex templates

Always report Tuition Fees to SVTS in cents per hour even if Invoice is entered differently

Fix bug freezing Enrolment page
  • Add LLN? field to Enrolment

  • When importing Enrolment Forms, apply default Delivery Location after applying the Course Template

January 2021

Hide PO Box postcode / suburbs when entering residentual addresses

Allow 5 digit tuition fees in Victoria

Report Credit Transfer tuition fees as zero (rather than blank) in Victoria for 2021

Update requirement for Victoria in 2021 - an Invoice is always needed, even for Fee for Service

Hide Correctional Centers from Assessments Entered report

Next draft of Assessments Entered report
  • Improved Assessments Entered report

  • Fix bug that automatically selects an incorrect Employer Contact on the Add Enrolment page
  • Additional Pre-Enrolment audit checks

  • Enable Possibly incorrect USI Transcripts report for 2020

December 2020
  • Add Release to Employer field
  • Defer renewal of Machine Credentials until 2 months before expiry

  • Permission to release records to current employer?
  • Add report Possibly incorrect USI Transcripts
  • Extend Course Template's Assessment & Completion behaviour to allow Deferred Assessments.
  • Add Compare AVETMISS Export with...
  • Apply search constraints before exporting to Excel

  • Include not yet started units in CQS Export

  • Import Import Units of Competency page

November 2020
  • Escape quote and ampersand characters in file names from {Save As}
  • Update Import Epsilon RTO Report
  • Students in multiple enrolments only get one Touch Base Letter (for lowest course code level)

October 2020
  • Move Assessments Entered under Statistics heading

  • Add Finance sheet to Assessments Entered report

Extend Reference Type Rules to apply to Statement of Particiption events also
  • Show superseded by and supersedes on the Module page

  • Put Audit Book next to Event Reference Register

Add Event Reference Rules

Allow longer API keys from Mailgun's on the Email Settings page

September 2020
  • Enforce entry of Cancellation Reasons when they are defined

  • Add Touch Base Letters
  • Add search for VSN

  • Add search by reference to Invoices not Paid

Add search by Brand on Search Enrolments & Search Module Enrolments

Move audit checks into background thread to spead up Home page

August 2020
  • Add more student search options

  • Limit access to brand users

Work in Progress: Assessments Entered report
  • Add brand to Employee and User tables

  • Improve login sequence

Sort enrolments also by completion date on Student page

Updates for RAPT 3.4

Fix concatenation of strings in reports
  • Correct format of SA Training Contract Identifiers

  • Check format of Apprenticeship Contract Identifiers during AVETMISS Export

  • Add Export to Excel with Contact Details on Search Module Enrolments page

Tasmanian AVETMISS update, completion date defaults to 01/01/9999 rather than blank

July 2020

Use latest ODBC drivers when available

Understand U+2019 Right Single Quotation Mark in DOC reports, e.g. {Student's Name}

June 2020

Add Funding Type Rules to simplify Queensland Pre-qualifed Supplier Numbers

Catapult import has shuffled fields

Turn on exporting RPL Fees to Queensland and Tasmania

Enable Positional Tabs in DOCX reports

May 2020

Enable special symbols in DOCX reports

Add {Save In} option for DOCX reports

April 2020
  • Clean up old files after {Save As PDF}

  • Look for PDFtk Pro and PDFtk Server installations

Add {Save As PDF} and {Save As Secure PDF} options for DOCX reports

Fix crash in ASQA Electronic Records Export

Make Docx reports handle <w:bookmarkStart> and <w:bookmarkEnd> inside footers, headers and tables

Improve {Save As} command in DOCX reports

Add {Save As} document naming for DOCX reports

March 2020
  • Replace DELTA wording with Epsilon in Victoria

  • Improve Docx report engine

February 2020
  • Default addresses to Australia during Import Enrolment Form

  • Check for blank State, Suburb or Country in addresses during AVETMISS Export

Replace references to AUSkey with Machine Credential

Update import training dates from Catapult

January 2020
  • Turn on Tasmanian AVETMISS rules to 2020

  • Improve DOCX report engine

Enable AVETMISS release 8.0 for 2020

December 2019

Fix bug causing random XML processing errors
  • Error if Fee for Service funding used for an international student

  • Prepare for AVETMISS in 2020

  • Add DOCX format alongside RTF format for reports

October 2019

Adjustments to Import Training Dates:

  • Relax conditions to find an existing event

  • Create events with "(Imported)" in the subject line

  • Import from Catapult

Add Qualification and Funding Type filters to Queensland Employment Survey Outcomes report

September 2019

Victoria is using National funding codes 31 and 32 a year before everyone else

Add Previous Surnames search in three places:

  • Search for existing Student

  • Verify USI

  • Search for existing USI
  • Improve error message for duplicates

  • Fix Student save logic so a second attempt can succeed
  • Fix missing enrolments when reporting to SVTS with Report As = Blank code

  • Add SVTS enrolments not reported? to recover from above

  • Fix VSR Upload error Submission Period is not valid

Add Vendor Name & Email to AVETMISS exports in South Australia

Automatically convert national funding codes 31 & 32 to code 30 for years pre 2020

August 2019

Add choice of age to Search Enrolments under 18

Always show Is Interim? field. Should not matter if Statement of Attainment numbers are turned on , or if multiple Statement of Attainments is enabled.

July 2019
  • Add option to export Employment Status

  • Fix bug in Add Hosted Data Source

Fix error with nested sub queries.

June 2019

Add Enrolments that recommenced / superseded
  • Add Western Australia RAPT's Funding Removed Flag

  • Add Search Enrolments that should have been recommenced / superseded
  • Fix AVETMISS Export with superseding enrolments

  • Delay "open quotes at end of file" CVS error until current record has been processed
  • Add superseding link for courses and modules

  • Automatically look for recommnecing / superseding enrolments

Add gender X Other

New database reconnect logic

May 2019

Add Enrolment Form import for ...

Add policy to select Qualification then Part Of (Based On) during the Enrolment process

Add ability to change Enrolment UUIDs
  • Add Recommence link between enrolments so that they get merged into a single Skills Victoria enrolment

  • Add sanity checking of dates imported by Import Enrolment Form and Import Training Dates

Fix saving SVTS Invoices where Tuition Fee was overwritten as zero
  • Show Supersede link in heading of Enrolment page

  • Add Credit Transfer Fee to Course Pricing page

  • Add policy Pre-Enrolment Funding is required?

  • Add Fix option to Pre-Enrolment finished but not enrolled audit

  • Allow {If} statements to skip line breaks
  • Add Credit Transfer Fee to Invoice & Statement of Fees events

  • Preparation for "recommencement" links between enrolments

March 2019

Send country codes (rather than names) to USI service

Improve USI Search and Verification processes

Display error when student not found during Import Training Dates

February 2019

Process Queensland's GS1 funding code for Certificate 3 Guarantee as Fee Free Training not requiring a Concession Type or Student Contribution Fee

Fix processing of multi byte UTF-8 codepoints in CSV files

Disable renewal of AUSkey since they are being phased out

Ignore spaces in auto proxy configuration

Import Enrolment Forms can use Course Templates with behaviour No Dates
  • Better wording for optional employment details for Skills Victoria

  • Invoice reference only mandarory for Employer invoices

  • Report Not yet started (85) when appropriate for all states

  • Add Import Training Dates

January 2019

Add Invoice references, automatic payments & not paid audits

Fix reporting of Student's name when they have only a single name

Avoid BLANK warnings for individual postal fields whilst importing Enrolment Forms when all postal fields are blank

Import courses on Enrolment Forms in any format: code on left, code on right, name

Use secure HTTPS connections everywhere

December 2018
  • Add additional Excel columns to Search Invoice

  • Convert Icare's Suspended status to Skill Vistoria's Withdrawn Deferred

Make edit Invoice event place nice when hours total to zero

Correct Statement of Participation register
  • Unique names for Construction Skills Queensland codes

  • Option to show State Funding Code on Manage Funding Types page

November 2018
  • Modify Tactile Learning Centre's Import Enrolment Form fields

Do not overide the enrolment's status when a Training/Assessment event is entered after a Complete Successfuly/UnSuccessfully/Cancelled event for the case when both event dates are the same.

Get automatic location identifiers as part of an Employer to work in all configurations

Enable adding Archive Box reports

October 2018
  • Do not show delivery location identifiers on employers that are not a delivery location

  • Show Employer Group details on the Enrolment page

Fix some spelling mistakes

August 2018
  • Remove two items of Module Enrolment Status: Suspended and Undefined

  • Add {Module Enrolment's Started Hours} report field

Skip over invalid USI during a bulk verification

Count suspended enrolments in Monthly Enrolment Statistics
  • Add option to Search Enrolments that have Stalled to only look for assessmemts

  • Automatically uppercase USI when importing Enrolment Forms

  • Add draft of Monthly Enrolment Statistics

July 2018

Improve Import Enrolment Forms' treatment of invalid but importable data
  • Stop Active Module page from showing non-letter versions,

  • Stop reporting Qualification Issued records from previous year and a Statement of Attainment is issued in the next year.

Add Mangement - Nationally agreed nominal hours report that compares your Unit of Competency's nominal hours against the hours published by NCVER.

Undo previous version, it just moved AVETMISS Validation Software errors rather than fixing them:

  • Export Commencing Course Identifier as 4 for proposed modules starting in the next year

Export Commencing Course Identifier as 4 for proposed modules starting in the next year

June 2018

Compily with WA's Text File Specification version 3.3

Relax checks performed by Import Enrolment Forms allowing fixes to be performed in Icare rather than the source file
  • Add Indigenous version of Enrolment Statistics (Excel)

  • Add import of Enrolment Forms (draft version)

May 2018

Add subcontractors for use in Victorian AVETMISS

Add Policy to adjust months in Generate Training Plan Reviseds
  • Remove AVETMISS 8.0 in 2018 heading

  • Note "Employer Invoiced" field as required by WA RAPT reporting

  • Extend Australia Post update cycle to one year

April 2018
  • Allow printing of events without drop permissions

  • Make EDUonGo import more open to different date formats

Fix Import of EDUonGo assessments

Add Import of EDUonGo assessments

Fix Western Australian RAPT Export (merge merge supplementary delivery modes in one column)

March 2018

Add Module Enrolment Scheduled Hours report

Turn on AVETMISS release 8.0 reporting for RAPT


Add Generate Training Plan Revised for modules due to be assessed in the current month, extend by 2 months

Enable Victorian Student Number reporting when reporting AVETMISS to NCVER

Add Module Enrolment Durations report
  • Report suspended enrolments as Deferred to NSW ePayments

  • Add Events entered late report
  • Only expect Australian Suburb and Postcode data to be updated every 8 months

  • Add Email and SMS report policy flags

  • Add bulk Email & SMS reporting to Search Enrolment pages

  • Add Email & SMS test modes

February 2018

Remove Queensland VSS funding from Certificate III Guarantee family so Concession Type and Student Contribution Fee not longer need to be entered

Report zero tuition fees to DETConnect for units assessed as 65 Transitional Gap Training

Report 65 Transitional Gap Training with delivery (unlike Credit Transfer and RPL)

Update eCAF Enrolment export (VET Student Loans) with 2018 format

Add eCAF Progression export for VET Student Loans

January 2018

Keep RAPT exports at AVETMISS release 7.0 until they ask for release 8.0

Fix calculation of Proposed Completion Date for Victorian AVETMISS export
  • Fix Victorian AVETMISS release 8.0 reporting of dates in the NAT00130 file

  • Report a Victorian Completion Date for Cancelled and Unsuccessful

  • Do not allow Complete Successfully / Unsuccessfully event whilst there are active module enrolments

  • Default Victorian Completion Type to "intended outcome" for courses reporting as based on (without Completions)
  • Enable use of ODBC Drivers 11 & 13 for SQL Server

  • Fix Victorian 2018 AVETMISS export when not a program enrolment

  • Fix entry of Queensland Non-VET in Schools enrolments that do not need a School entered

  • Provide default of zero tuition fees for NCVER enrolments

  • Hide archived Delivery Methods when changing on the Enrolment page
  • Work on importing Victorian AVETMISS release 7.0 data

  • Only require School Type for Queensland AVETMISS release 8.0

  • Only require School on Enrolment if Queensland and VET in Schools is ticked

Add School Type and report to DETConnect when VET in Schools is ticked
  • Fix length of Predominant Delivery Mode in AVETMISS 8.0

  • Make Proficiency in English and Year of Highest School Level optional in 2018

Fix bug opening old AVETMISS exports

hosting.icaresoftware.com.au no longer requires a password
  • Add Victorian AVETMISS 8.0 fields

  • Turn on AVETMISS 8.0 reporting

December 2017

Allow for invalid Delivery Modes during update
  • Add diagnostic to Delivery Mode update
  • Add national AVETMISS 8.0 support

November 2017
  • Improve Enrolments with no LUI
  • Add melbourne.icaresoftware.com.au hosting server

October 2017
  • Fix out of memory issue when printing many large reports
  • Use current AVETMISS term ''Not specified'' (in place of the old ''Not stated'')
  • Add more fields to ASQA Electronic Records export (notably USI)

  • Add search Enrolments with Queensland Employment Survey

  • Standardise naming of "Employment or Placement" field
  • Fix import to work with "Employment or Placement" field
  • Confirm SQT as part of the Certificate III Guarantee funding code list

September 2017
  • Add course and module names to Module Enrolments Assessed export

  • Fix adding CAN from Enrolment page

  • Auto print CAN & IN events when a single report exists

  • Enrolment Statistics (Excel) by Funding Type

  • Add Search Enrolment(s) with Placement
  • Add "Employment or Placement" field

  • Add draft of Hours by Funding report (used to report AHC in Queensland?)

August 2017
  • Add a few helpful Placement links

  • Fix cloning of Course Templates that contain Units of Study

  • Export reporting year & period to HEPCAT based on Census dates

  • Add VSR Due reminder
  • Allow updating of Australian suburb and postcode data
  • Improve importing of AVETMISS files

  • Fix adding Course based on
  • Fix reporting of delivery mode to RAPT for RPL/RCC/CT assessmsnts

  • Add an Enrolment Is All option to the Search Enrolments page
  • Archive AVETMISS Export data when deleted from history

  • Match eCAF export to sample export file

July 2017
  • Review Search Enrolment's Enrolment Is logic whilst:

    • Removing commencing, enrolling & trained

    • Adding Continuing into & Continuing out of

  • Rename export folder from VET FEE-HELP to VET Student Loans

  • Add export to eCAF on VET Student Loans tab of the Enrolment page

  • Add Enrolment's eCAF ID (VET Student Loans)
  • Disable Unit of Study linking on Training Plan Revised event

  • Fix exporting to HEPCAT
  • Improve search Enrolment status logic

June 2017
  • do not auto-start a module based on just Moodle activity

  • add Module Enrolments with early Contact
  • Allow Modules to be part of multiple Units of Study

  • Add Modules to Unit of Study from Course when arrived from that Course.

  • Disable automatic view of Invoice Notice & CAN after add.
  • Fix importing of DELTA RTO Report

  • Fix adding common modules

  • Export Did Not Start enrolments to NSW eReportig

  • Improve process of issuing VET Student Loan notices
  • Add VET Student Loan support for:

    • Units of Study

    • Type of Attendance

    • Citizenship status

    • Disability Advice request

May 2017
  • Fix writing of apostrophe as ' in email reports

  • Fix permission of Add an Enrolment (use add permission instead of edit)

  • Use same logic to list VSNs to notify, as when counting them
  • Enforce report permissions

  • Allow reports to be archived

  • Add report option 'Bulk Only?' that will only show the report on bulk search pages

  • Fine tune permissions on AVETMISS export and Victorian Student Register pages

April 2017
  • Add Funding to Invoices Due excel exports
  • Add Change Course option to Pre Enrolment

  • All policy to enable USI single day exemptions
  • Add Certificate III Guarantee (Boost) BW3

  • Report assessed units as continuing if assessed after the AVETMISS reporting period (i.e. in Quarterly exports)
  • Add As of 31st March (similarly for Q2 & Q3) options to AVETMISS Export

March 2017
  • Fix reporting of SVTS Enrolment Date when chosing to report Icare's Enrolment Date
  • Add Award / Certificate / Statement of Attainment Deferred event. This takes enrolments off the "not issued" list and onto the "deferred" list. Useful for USI missing or unpaid fee situations. Use Add Deferred Event on the "not issued" pages, or choose Award Deferred from the Add Other Event on the Enrolment page.
  • Turn of USI missing error in AVETMISS Export
  • Allow USI to be missing for 0...90 days after enrolment

  • Add Date of Birth & Country of Birth to Export only Contact details to Excel on Search Enrolments page
  • Add USI Exemption logic to allow issuing of awards without a USI

  • Use USI Exemption logic to report special SHORT and INTOFF codes to AVETMISS

  • Show superseded enrolment date on Remaining Units and Hours report

  • Add "Award not issued" event to hide Certificate/Statements not issued warnings.
  • Do not export "Enrolled" or "Did not start" course enrolments to NSW eReporting
  • Add bulk verification of USI
  • Enable DELTA import of NSW students
  • Do not report "Did not start" module enrolments to NSW eReporting
  • Enable reporting of Commonwealth Assistance Notices

February 2017
  • Improve Enrolment is superseded entry by copying study reason (and other fields) from old enrolment

  • Give more room for cancellation reason
  • Add Non-AVETMISS enrolments option
  • Add Import DELTA RTO Transfer Report

January 2017
  • Fix importing DELTA RTO Report

  • Import DELTA RTO Report now populates apprenticeship dates
  • Allow VET FEE-HELP policy to be turned off
  • Add VET FEE-HELP Unit of Study Completions export

December 2016
  • Improve SRTO1 and SRTO2 descriptions (Queensland)

  • Implement RPL Underway reporting for WA RAPT
  • Fix Victorian specific treatment of single names
  • Add National Outcome Code 61 Superseded Subject

  • Add Victorian Outcome Code 25 Competency Achieved/Pass as determined via Gap Training and Assessment

  • Add Gender X Other (Indeterminate/Intersex/Unspecified)

  • Add 2017 business rule to always report unmarked modules with Outcome Code 70 Continuing Studies
  • Enforce entry of Prior Education Recognition for Victorian students

  • Error when Invoice / Statement of Fees is CT for non-CT enrolment

  • Allow Invoice or Statement of Fees to be used

  • Allow a person to be a contact at multiple employers

  • Add VET FEE-HELP Invoice Notice and CAN searches

November 2016
  • Fix Invoice / Statement of Fees / Student Contribution Fee events to save correctly when "rate per xxx" is zero

  • Correct exporting of EFTSL to HEPCAT
  • Fix employee number cannot be empty when searching

  • Fix crash in EFTSL detection when hours total to zero

  • First draft of VET FEE-HELP's Invoice Notice and Commonwealth Assistance Notice events
  • Allow Clone Templates from another Course to work on (and with) courses that have a different identifier than the unit they contain

  • Add a {Break In Lines(String)} function that breaks Certificate III in Business into Certificate III / in / Business (similar for Diploma of Business)

October 2016
  • Make AUSkey renewal optional as a temporary way around issues during the renewal process
  • Update USI support

  • Using AUSkey Manager

  • Autmatically renew AUSkey when needed
  • Show AUSkey validity on USI Settings and USI Login pages
  • Allow Western Australian apprenticeship numbers ending in A1 or A1 (as well as the traineeship numbers ending in T1 or T2)
  • Enable importing of Victorian DELTA CBA Reports
  • Enable printing of EFTSL values

  • Add VET FEE-HELP Loan Fee functions
  • Add policy VET FEE-HELP Units of Study are separate? (from Units of Competency).

  • Add Course VET FEE-HELP field to turn on VFH features for enrolments in that course.

  • Add Module VET FEE-HELP field to separate Units of Study from Units of Competency (when required).

  • Improve EFTSL calculations on Course Template and Training Plan event.

August 2016
  • Look for Invoice event if a Student Contribution Fee event is not found
  • Rename Broker to Agent and add contact details

  • Add USI Created and Printed times (not used yet)
  • Allow students to be aged 8 to 100 inclusive
  • Add Print All option to Search Enrolments

  • Use single letter templates in Print All on Refresher Letters page (was bulk by date template previously)
  • Add {Sort descending by ...} phrase to reports

  • Add Print Other option to Refresher Letters page

  • Fix bold content in email templates

  • Do not send Thumbs.db as an email attachment
  • Show VSN on Student page

  • Add Print VSN option to Student page

  • Send email Sender same as From
  • Sending emails through MailGun now works!
  • Fix detection and display of simple dates on Training, Training Plan and Training Plan Revised events

  • Improve date validate on Training Plan Revised event

  • Allow customization of USI letter in all license editions

July 2016
  • Add experimental Print X as PDF option

  • Fix bulk entry of proposed end dates in Training events, allow Days/Weeks/Months to be used

  • Improve proposed date suggestions when Days/Weeks/Months are used

  • Add Course from single Module

June 2016
  • Improve error messages when sending emails
  • Email reports now use mailgun.com service

  • Email templates are now a zip file containing files: email.html, inline\*.* & attachment\*.*
  • Fix Rate per hour calculation in Invoice events when some modules have zero hours

  • Add convert Contact event to Training event

  • Add date based Intakes to the Bulk Events page

  • Improve Course Template and Training Plan editing (especially for VET FEE-HELP)

May 2016
  • Add Simple Dates policy

  • Add Census Date and EFTSL to Course Template and Training Plan event

  • Add VET FEE-HELP tab to Enrolment page

April 2016
  • Fix editing of Training events and Training Plan Revised events allowing entry of Proposed End Dates without a Proposed Start Date
  • Allow awards to be issued without a USI if student's postal country is other than Australia

  • Add paid and due columns to Search Invoices - Export to Excel
  • Fix editing of Cancelled/Withdrawn events with Zero Hours entries

  • Add Policy "RAPT evidence via interim marks?" to report mark 55 "No evidence" when no interim mark exists

  • Report mark 11 "Discontinued" to RAPT when an appropriate Cancellation Reason is selected
  • Import Queenland Concession Type from Icare 1.90
  • Fix Cancelled/Withdrawn event to show Attended/Did not start option as appropriate
  • Ignore assessor "Ted" when importing from Icare .190
  • Fix Training event so that it saves Proposed End Date
  • Fix Training Plan no dates, do not ask for a Proposed Start Date
  • Add Cancellation Reason
  • Improve Bulk Entry boxes on Events and Course Templates, with the aim to add Census Dates

March 2016
  • Add SQT to the Certificate III Guarantee funding code list
  • Import RAPT AVETMISS Files
  • Comply with SVTS Superseded Fact Sheet regarding Enrolment Date and Associated Course fields
  • Fine tune Victorian superseded Enrolment reporting

February 2016
  • Add VET FEE-HELP fields to database

  • Make Enrolment is VET FEE-HELP question available to all states (was Victorian only)

  • Run audit check comparing Enrolment is VET FEE-HELP against Funding Type is VET FEE-HELP
  • Enforce WA traineeship/apprenticeship numbers of the form pass:c[######T#]

  • Enforce NSW traineeship/apprenticeship numbers of the form pass:c[######/#]
  • Rename 'Temporary Icare Files' to 'Icare Files'

  • Save reports to 'Icare Files' so that they open in Parallels for Mac
  • Add VET FEE-HELP Provider Code
  • Add Save to HEPCAT option to Search VET FEE-HELP Enrolments page

  • Show VET FEE-HELP enrolments based on Victorian enrolent field as well as Funding Type field
  • Fix Enrolments with no TFN to only show enrolments "with no TFN"
  • Fix ordering of login steps to avoid error in SQL Server environments
  • Allow awards to be issued with out a USI if completion date is prior to 1st of January 2015

  • Add Enrolments with no TFN page

  • Add CHESSN field (turn on with VET FEE-HELP policy setting)

  • Allow Brands to be archived

January 2016
  • Fix display of SVTS Compliance Fee field

  • Fix exporting of Course Fee to Western Australia RAPT
  • Always report Program Supervised Teaching Activity Completion (even for Fee for Service) to make SVTS happy
  • Export 2016 Victorian fields: Program Supervised Teaching Activity Completion & Program Unique Supervised Hours
  • Improve display of unit codes on Enrolment Grid page when they do not end with an A, B, etc...
  • Report Proficiency in English as BLANK when Language is @@@@ Not Stated in Queensland (to match other states)
  • Update to USI Web Services 2.0
  • Fix NSW eReporting to a 2015 export to avoid NCVER errors
  • Fix to allow more than 4 Modules to be archived/de-archived at once on Active Modules page

  • Improved 'USI required' policies and messages

  • First draft of Statement of Fees event

  • Add 'Fully claimed?' field for NSW ePayments. Use to stop reporting when final claim has been paid.

December 2015
  • Add USI policies to enforce existence of a verified USI before creating a Certificate or Statement of Attainment
  • Show & filter by USI on Certificate & Statement of Attainment registers

  • Add Export Assessor option to Assessment Statistics by Funding report
  • Add Suspend Enrolment policy options

  • Standardize Module Enrolments Assessed report

  • Add Traineeship/Apprenticeship Enrolments due to Complete

  • Add Export SMS to Search Xxx Enrolments based on SMS Domain policy
  • Only activate Did Not Start modules with a Resume Enrolment event
  • Add Program Unique Supervised Hours (PUSH) for Victoria in 2016
  • Suspend Enrolment event can now Withdraw/Did Not Start modules

  • Resume Enrolment event can provide new training plan dates
  • Add Proposed Resume Date to Suspend Enrolment event

  • Add Suspended Date and Proposed Resume Date to Enrolment

November 2015
  • Add Event Reference Register page
  • Allow {Event : Event Reference} in reports
  • Show Proposed Commencement/Completion Dates on Student page
  • Allow creation of Excel files up to 32MB in size
  • Add optional Apprenticeship Dates

  • Prepare database for:

    • Suspended dates,

    • Statement of Fees and

    • Victorian Unique Supervised Hours (PUSH)
  • Fix Invoice SVTS Total per Hour calculation that failed when the invoice was large
  • Fix reporting engine so bulk letters work again
  • Show Module Enrolments not Invoiced on Enrolment page

  • Clarify entry of Victorian Industry of Employment and Occupation fields
  • Simplify printing of Invoice events
  • Ensure upgrade from versions prior to (February 2015)

October 2015
  • Fix Other Fee field when database did not correctly upgrade to
  • Make Reset Password work instead of saying ''Permission Denied''

  • Improve Select User Role (and other similar pages) to show all available items instead of only the current item
  • Show login with "Incorrect password" message
  • Add filter by Delivery Location to 'Module Enrolments due ...' reports
  • Fix number column in Export to Excel for Certificate/Statement Registers
  • Add option to use Icare's Enrolment Date when exporting the SVTS Enrolment Date
  • Add Evidence Verified event

  • Add Module Enrolments not Verified report
  • Allow editing of Training Plan Revised event templates

  • Check dates when searching Enrolments / Pre-Enrolments / Module Enrolments
  • Rename Invoice Additional Items to Other Fees
  • Add Invoices view to Enrolment page

  • Add Due option to Search Invoices page

  • Export Enrolment Date based on Receive Payments (Victorian AVETMISS)
  • Add Receive Payment event
  • Avoid showing Student page to may times at the end of an Add Enrolment process

  • Do not expect Statement of Attainment for Non-award courses

  • Fix {Delcare} statements in SMS and Email reports

September 2015
  • Relax requirement for Invoices on Credit Transfer units in Victoria
  • View Events with Folders shown

  • Add Concession Reference field to Enrolment page

  • Add Delivery and Assessment Methods with default per Module

  • Add Study Modes for each Course and on Enrolment page

  • Add USI printing from Student page and while editing Student or Student AVETMISS

  • Add Tax File Number field to Student page

  • Show USI on Certificate/Statement not Issued pages

  • Add Export to Excel on Search Invoices page
  • REVERT (Only show Certificates not issued if USI exists)

  • Rename Fee Exemption to Concession Type
  • Check for blank title/email/phone for NSW eReporting

  • Deny login for archived users

  • Add Reset Password option (alongside set password)

  • Add multi-select archiving to Active Modules management page

  • Finish add enrolment process with pages: Home -> Student -> Enrolment

  • Only show Certificates not issued if USI exists

August 2015
  • Fix report engine so {Assign} statements in header/footer are not ignored

  • Show repeated units in Enrolment Grid as + or +++ compared to . or ...
  • Add VET FEE-HELP field to Funding Type

  • Add Search VET FEE-HELP Enrolments page

  • Enable entry of Superseded enrolment on Add/Edit Enrolment page

  • Add Proposed Completion Date to SVTS Student Summary report
  • Show Events stopping a Delete Enrolment

  • Allow AVETMISS Exports when your licence has expired
  • Allow AVETMISS Export to be forced as Release 7.0 (for select RTO)
  • Add Invoices Due page for invoicing at assessment

July 2015
  • Improve View Event page

  • First draft of Invoices Due
  • Add Locate USI option

  • Add Create USI with Birth Certificate option
  • Treat "queued" SMS as "sent"
  • Implement {Repeat} logic for Email reports

  • Fix to get Avetmiss Errors report to work again
  • Add How did you hear from us? Enrolment Survey question.

  • Start support for superseded enrolments.
  • Handle AUSkey key store correctly when RTO Name contains an ampersand
  • Allow AVETMISS Exports back to 2006

  • Email of Refresher Letters is ready to go

June 2015
  • Close ODBC commands when saving Sent event to avoid running out of them

  • Sort refresher letter SMS sending by student name to make it easier to cross reference other lists
  • Open only first 4 trial SMS of a bulk run

  • Detect Refresher Letter sent during bulk SMS send

  • Record SMS Sent event on successful SMS sent
  • Take Tasks tab on Enrolments page out of More... list

  • Allow SMS service to be disabled

  • Add Send SMS option on Refresher Letters page
  • Hide archived Tasks on Tasks due to Complete
  • Fix printing of AQTF Quality Indicator students

  • Add Fee Exemptions tab on Enrolment page
  • Send SMS reports with ClickSend

  • Updated Confirmation Reports with RTO Name, Number and Student USI
  • Allow both {Module Refresher} and {Refresher Module}

  • Add Manage SMS Settings

  • Start adding {SMS To <Mobile>} statement
  • Calculate proposed commencment & completion dates if required on Search Enrolments pages
  • Allow for page break in the middle of a paragraph

  • If proposed completion date is not available calculate from module's proposed end dates.

  • Introduce SMS report templates

  • Update trial SMS sending
  • Add Short Name field to Module Refreshers

  • Add Primary? field to Refresher Letter Suggestions
  • Fix saving of Invoice numbers

  • Show dates & mark on Enrolment >> Trainers page

  • Improve detection of duplicate Refresher letters
  • Include RPL Fees in RAPT export

May 2015
  • Hide archived Marks

  • Export Funding Type on Module Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Search Enrolments as/not VET in Schools

  • Export to Excel with Contact Details on Search Enrolments retains normally exported fields like dates
  • Update layout of Manage Policy page

  • Add Cert / SoA / ... Not Sent Since policies

  • Add Cert / SoA / ... Not Sent page

  • Add Manage Letter Types

  • Add Letter event

  • Add Letter Register & Not Sent pages
  • Add support for printing VSR Submissions

  • Add Ctrl+S shortcuts to Bulk Entry pages

  • Add Sort by Name to events

  • Add Apply Course Template to Training Plan event

  • Add Apply Course / Course Template to Enrolment folders

  • Say "Student Contribution Fee missing" rather than "Invoice missing" when appropriate

  • Go into read only mode when licence has expired

  • Add "Sent" event for Certificates and Statements of Attainment

  • Prepare for Letter events
  • Arrange various Enrolment pages into a single Enrolment page with tabs (or sections)

  • Provide layout options on the Enrolment page

  • Add easier ways to change funding and folders on the Enrolment page

April 2015
  • Enforce Is VET? for qualifications, skill sets & units
  • Fix SVST reporting of Other Fees for Credit Transfer units
  • Add export address & separate names to Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Fix exporting of Other Fees to SVTS
  • Improved error reporting for USI create & verify operations
  • Add Queensland Employment Survey Outcomes report

  • Make module clickable on Module Enrolment page

  • Try out alternate summary layouts on Enrolment page
  • Implement NCVER export sending only Fee for Service training from other Report To states

  • Improve AVETMISS error message for Prior Education Recognition

  • Combine editing of Course Folders and Common Modules in one section

  • Allow Comment events to have no referenced modules

  • Improved Refresher Letter logic

March 2015
  • Import 2015 SVTS fields from Icare 1.90
  • Show dates and mark on Edit Module Funding page
  • Add Management -> Active Modules page to check for old / unused / superseded Modules.

  • Improve Edit Enrolment Funding page

  • Add training.gov.au links to Course and Module pages.
  • Show default funding with a star
  • Use USI specific country list

  • Export Western Australia's TRS Number in both AVETMISS apprenticeship fields

  • Improve Enrolment Statistics report when enrolments span more than 5 years

  • Improve Victorian Student Register error messages
  • Add Report To NCVER option

  • Sort repeated module enrolments by date

February 2015
  • Add direct support for Reporting to NCVER
  • Replace Tuition Fee event with Invoice event

  • Add Course Pricing

  • New layout on View Course page
  • Allow missing Invoices (option) in RAPT export
  • Remaining Units and Hours - split training units from proposed units

  • Fix bugs in Edit Invoice and Edit Suspend Enrolment

  • Fix but in Export Student Cards

January 2015
  • Add NSW eReporting Export

  • Add USI to Student Cards Export
  • Turn on Victorian 2015 AVETMISS rules

  • Allow module selection method on Invoice event template
  • Reporting features enableing Invoices to be printed
  • Export RAPT Income Contingent Loan Liability as zero (0) rather than blank to stop errors when student does not have VET Fee-HELP
  • Give better feedback when AUSkey password is wrong

  • Add utility to repair student names

  • Fix crash when there are to many Brand records
  • Fix displaying of Tuition Fee totals when some units have zero Scheduled Hours

  • Add extra columns to Search Invoices
  • Add option to save Temporary Icare Files in My Documents

  • Add Victorian fields

    • Occupation

    • Industry of Employment

    • Prior Education Recognition

    • Enrolment Identifier
  • Add Acquitted field to Funding Type for Western Australian Contracted Program of Study

  • Added Medicare, Passport & VISA forms of ID for USI Creation

December 2014
  • Add Queensland Employment Survey event

  • Polish Invoice event

  • Add Search Invoices page
  • Provide RAPT Course Fee default
  • Export Apprentice Student based on Apprentice Contract of the form 000000/1
  • Improved Invoice Event

  • Move Tuition Fee each Year setting into Manage Policy

  • Add Search Enrolments with/out USI
  • Identify USI Valid but Name and/or DOB does not match condition

  • Enable multiple enrolments on one invoice

  • Export Invoice details in RAPT export

November 2014
  • Add Invoice event

  • Add Specific Funding Code for commonwealth funding

  • Add Employee number & start date

  • Hide Alternative Identifier by default

  • Option to import did not start based on withdrawn hours as zero
  • Add search by Delivery Location to Enrolment Grid

  • Add export Email to Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Add export Email to Module Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Add export Delivery Location to Search enrolments

  • Add sort by to Edit Bulk Events

  • Add Assessment Statistics by Funding
  • Add VRQA Audit Activity Request
  • Add Export Intake option to Search Enrolments page
  • Expand list of state funding codes that require Student Contribution Fees

  • Remove error if Student Contribution Fee is zero

October 2014
  • Fix bug making Middle Names of Employer Contact mandatory
  • Error if Student Contribution Fee is zero

  • Add Middle Names field (and rename Given Name field)

  • Fix reporting of overseas postcode OSPC
  • Enable renaming Statement of Participation event to Verification of Competency

  • Improve importing of Icare 1.90 details
  • Ask for proxy authentication on VSR operations as appropriate
  • Fix Icare to find the USI service at the correct location
  • Export RAPT contracts active within the last 9 months

  • Fix bug stopping Pre-Enrolment process to completion

  • Improve importing of AVETMISS files

  • First draft of USI interface

September 2013
  • Ask for Report To early in Enrolment process

  • Add Bulk Enrolments

  • Split Intakes into Intake (by dates) + Intake Group (by code)

  • Calculate current Archive Box
  • Add policy to allow multiple Statement of Attainments per Enrolment

August 2014
  • Add VET in Schools option to Enrolment Grid
  • Improve importing of addresses inside AVETMISS 7.0 files
  • Allow event date in the future by acknowledgement
  • Add Upper/Lower report functions for String/Classification/Choice types
  • Search Enrolments that have Stalled exports Recent Date to Excel

  • Improve report engine for files saved in Word 2013

  • Sanity check Event Dates

  • Sanity check duplicate Certificates and Statements of Attainment
  • Add Module Enrolment Statistics (Excel)

  • Fix Start Date column in Export to Excel of Search Module Enrolments
  • Match Policy options to Licence correctly
  • Fix Certificate and Statement Registers

  • Fix Statement Register export to Excel
  • Add Statement of Attendnace

  • Add Placement Hours

  • Improve Search Placements

  • Add Export to Excel on Search Placements

  • Search by Course on Certificate and Statement of Attainment Registers

  • Add Search by Student on Select Enrolments for APL Export

  • Add Due date and Export to Excel on Enrolments due for Assessment

July 2014
  • Add Merge Enrolments utility

  • Add Change Course utility

  • Import Statement of Attainment numbers (for successful short courses)

  • Fix Statistics (Word) for Queensland Conncessions
  • Fix merge Student when Disabilities / Prior Educations exist

  • Enable deleting Enrolments whilst Avetmiss Errors exist

  • Add audit Closed Enrolments with active Modules

  • Standardize search & import of Qualification / Unit of Competency / Skill Set by code

  • Add Report To criteria in Certificate / Statement of Attainment Rules

  • Add Suggested Words to Course for printing Statement of Attainments
  • Signed with new Extended Validation certificate
  • Enable editing of Data Sources with old SSL certificates
  • Fix SVTS reporting of Courses with Report As Based On (without Completions)

June 2014
  • Allow National/State RTO numbers to differ for CSQ and BERT exports

  • Add Financial Years to Enrolments Statistics (Excel)
  • Fix Search Enrolments where Enrolment Is Active and From/Thru are given
  • Add Export VET in Schools to Enrolments by Funding page
  • Enable Search Enrolments by Funding when no funding provided
  • Fix training.gov.au importing when ANZSCO or Field of Education is unknown

  • Fix Edit RTO link to training.gov.au
  • Do not export Qualifications Completed from the following year
  • Show progress bar for long running reports
  • Add last year option to Tuition Fee Summary report
  • Allow postal address on Manage RTO page

  • Allow State RTO # to be differ from the National RTO # in Queensland and NSW APL

  • Export BLANK Street Name & Number of Student's Mailing address is a PO Box

  • Export previous year Qualification Completions if Certificate issued this year
  • Update SVTS Qualifications Completed logic to stop 120087 warnings

  • Check training.gov.au details during add, edit & export

  • Expand training.gov.au details to include Accredited Course/Modules, Skill Sets & Training Organisations

May 2014
  • Fix Statement of Participation event adding
  • Add Statement of Participation event, numbers & register

  • Add Successful Modules filter to Search VET in School Enrolments

  • Add VET in Schools filter to Enrolments by Funding

  • Add Show Employer/Other Funding/Total options to Enrolments by Funding

April 2014
  • Add Phone & Email to Users

  • Add Search Enrolments with no Broker
  • Add Enrolment Statistics (Excel)
  • Add Remaining Units and Hours report

  • Avoid AVETMISS 7.0 Address checks on non-Australian addresses

  • Show Withdrawn/Did not Start when appropriate on Module Enrolments Assessed report
  • Import from AVETMISS Files of either release 6.1 or 7.0
  • Add merging of Student records

  • Add changing of Module in Enrolment

  • Add exporting Student in Address Book (vCard) format

  • Improve importing of AVETMISS Files

March 2014
  • Fix exporting of RCC assessments to Avetmiss for states other than Victoria
  • Import Certificate Numbers is ready to use
  • Add School column to Export on Search VET in School Enrolments page
  • Add Tasks Complete

  • Hide Did not start enrolments on Tasks due to Complete

  • Draft of Import Certificate Numbers
  • Enable Prompt for Password option for Hosted databases

  • Enable automatic Certificate/SoA numbers based on Student number
  • Improve Licence Due message

  • Fix sorting on export to excel on Search for Module Enrolments page

February 2014
  • Fix to avoid crash when first unit of Student Contribution Fee has zero hours
  • Add ASQA Audit Activity Request report
  • AVETMISS Export Street Name and Number BLANK for NSW APL claims
  • Improve entry of Hosted Data Sources

  • Check AVETMISS 2014 style addresses during entry

  • Add Search by / Export by AAC on Search Traineeship/Apprenticeship Enrolments page
  • Enable latest MySQL ODBC 5.2 Drivers
  • Hide Employer Groups with Policy

  • Search Enrolments by Employer Group
  • Update Monthly Trainer Report

  • Improve Import from Ted when Year Qualification Completed is bad

January 2014
  • Add Enrolments that have stalled
  • Always enable School field (VET in Schools does not need to be ticked)

  • Add built in reports
  • Trial introduction of Suspended enrolments
  • AVETMISS release 7.0 exports

  • Show VSR Complete rather than disabled Continue

  • Improve importing of qualification completed dates

  • Duplicate Trainers can be merged

  • Set Trainer and Assessor on modules in a Cancelled event

December 2013
  • Add editing of report templates when your licence includes the Certificate Feature

  • Fix validation of NSW tuition fees (allow up to $9,999.00)

  • Add sort by Date on Search Pre-Enrolments page
  • General release of the 2014 AVETMISS 7.0 Compliance report
  • First draft of the AVETMISS 7.0 Compliance Report

  • Change End of Year AVETMISS wording

November 2013
  • Add days overdue column to Module Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Hide archived items in search fields

  • Fix permissions logic for Add Event
  • Improve AVETMISS Export error checking of Tuition Fees
  • Enable printing of Pre-Enrolment Events
  • Import Moodle Submissions
  • Fix Victorian Student Register web services logic to work with new VSR servers, fix was to force BASIC authentication rather than rely on negotiation

  • Complete Import Moodle Feedback system that sends documents to AutoMATE
  • Add {Separator Light Grey} and {Separator Dark Grey} reporting engine

October 2013
  • Improve importing of Tuition Fee Rates and Student Contribution Fees
  • Organise the Home page

  • Add Academic Transcript

  • Add optional numbering of Certificates, Statement of Attainments & Academic Transcripts

  • Add Audit Enrolments with no Modules

  • Add Search Enrolments with no Modules

  • Add Search Enrolments with no LUI

  • Enable printing of Pre-Enrolment Events and Tasks

  • Teach report engine some more features of Word
  • Add Funding, Fee Exemption & Address to Tuition Fee Summary

  • Refer to a User's login that is identifies him/her

  • Refer to the Log in action a User takes

  • Fix plurals in audit messages

  • Improve import messages

September 2013
  • Allow Queensland Fee Exemption to be "Not required"
  • Fix saving of Enrolments in Tasmania where there are no Fee Exemptions to choose from
  • Improve error messages for Import from Ted & Icare
  • Improved error messages during import from Ted and Icare

  • Import General History items from Ted

  • Import Auotmatic Student Identifier from Ted and Icare
  • Enforce creation of User accounts

  • Search Pre-Enrolments page updated with:

    • Search by Intake, Employer & Trainer

    • Intake & Employer columns

    • Export to Excel

  • Course Templates improved:

    • Add Enrolment Date & Mark

    • Full Time Attendance is now optional

    • Assign Trainer is always enabled

    • Delivery Mode is a drop down

  • Add policy to set Student AVETMISS questions to Not Stated by default

  • Add policy to make Employers save as a Delivery Location by default
  • Fix Add Student/Trainer using existing Person

  • Try recover on all SQL Server link failures
  • Fix crash in Export Enrolment Statistics (allow for large numbers of postcodes)

  • Fix running of Intake reports (intake was not being sent to report engine)
  • Apply classifications from training.gov.au
  • Add Enrolment Statistics by Postcode
  • Add User type (normal or browse)

  • Show Created/Modified details on Students, Enrolments and Trainers
  • Add Tuition Fee Summary report
  • Add View Placement page

  • Add Search Placements page
  • Add Enrolment Placements

  • Add Placement Commencement, Comment & Completion events
  • add Scheduled Hours to Course Template
  • add Module Scheduled Hours (companion to Nominal Hours)

  • add Enrolment Statistics Export
  • Enable printing of reports from Intake page

  • Avetmiss Export sends tomorrows date if no proposed dates are availabled (for WA's RAPT system)

  • Assessment Statistics goes to landscape if there are too many Industries defined
  • Enforce licence Report To Limit

  • Add Microsoft SQL Sever compatability fix for report conditionals
  • Module Enrolment's Actual Hours field returns 0 (zero) when assessed as Credit Transfer

  • Add Default Hours and Variations to Modules

  • Fix RAPT Exports validation rules for Proficiency in English
  • Simplify print functions

  • Fix {Else If} logic
  • Export Contact Details to Excel (for Enrolments and Employers)
  • Clarify Queensland AVETMISS rules

  • Add printing of Refresher Letters (in Bulk)
  • Allow Course codes of length 16

  • Check Course code length when exporting to AVETMISS

  • Show User Role on Mange Users page

  • Add useful aliases in Course Intake

  • Add repeating sections in reports

  • Show tally on Module Enrolments Assessed page

  • Prepare for some new features
  • Fix remembering of VSN Letter Template

  • Do not raise Missing Tuition Fee error for Credit Transfer units

  • Fix dates showing on Edit Bulk Event page
  • Improve custom report logic

  • Print reports for Trainer
  • Add Event Templates for Tuition Fee and Student Contribution Fee

  • Show Tuition Fee Rate on Enrolment page if already filled in (even if disabled by policy)

  • Add Student Contribution Fee to AVETMISS Export

  • Final Draft of edit Student Contribution Fee page
  • Show Nominal Hours on Manage Modules page

  • Export Email on Fee(s) due to be Raised

  • Default Queensland Fee Exception to Non-Concession

  • Check Queensland Fee Exception during AVETMISS Export

  • Add Student Contribution Fee event (Draft)

  • Hide State specific event types when not applicable
  • Fix saving of students with repeats in name (i.e. Enjoy Enjoy)

  • Improve Fee(s) due to be Raised

  • Improve Search Enrolments with no Fees

  • Improve View Enrolment Fees
  • Relax VSR quality checks

  • Add Search Enrolments with no Fees

  • Add Search Apprenticeship/Traieeship Enrolments

  • Update nudge
  • Add Search Students Page

  • Replace Manage Enrolments Page with Search Enrolments Page

  • Specialize Search Enrolments Page (By Status, By Broker, No Trainer, Under 18)

  • Better detection and display of Cannot Delete ... situations
  • Add ASQA Electronic Records Export
  • Add South Australia's NAT00130 extra fields

  • Fix assertion error in Bulk Workshop
  • Improve import from Icare of Purchasing Contracts on the Module enrolment

  • Clean up AVETMISS Exports of Tuition Fee for states that do not need it
  • Put the Bulk into Bulk Event Edit

  • Do not list nested units as due for commencement/assessment

  • Add Statement of Attainment Interim/Final type

  • Add Brokers and Broker Groups
  • Add Import Options

  • Add Hours & Assessor to Modules Assessed

  • Set default values for WA enrolment fields

  • Make sure enrolments show correctly in Edit Bulk Event if their intake has changed
  • Enable printing of Course Templates

  • Improve importing of AVETMISS Files

  • Enable entry of addresses other than Australia
  • Import Short Courses from Ted as pass:c[SINGLE####]

  • Allow 8### postcodes when importing the Victorian Delta RTO Report
  • Import Short Courses from lcare as pass:c[SINGLE####]
  • Add default Brand
  • Fix saving of preferences

  • Add policy.brand()

  • Add Brand to Certificate/SoA rules

  • Make Brand entry a drop down

  • Add Bulk Assessment Events
  • Save Sort By preferences

  • Search Module Enrolments by Delivery Location

  • Show Commencement Date on Enrolments Due for Assessment

  • Sort Module Enrolments by dates

  • Add Brand
  • Enable Group Shapes in reports
  • Fix default selection of Modules into a Tuition Fee event
  • Fix preference loading and saving

  • Add Module Enrolment Is Enrolled

  • Make Enrolment Is Enrolled the default (i.e. all records)
  • Add a separate Commencement Override for each Funding
  • Simplify Search Enrolments that are Active, Commenced, Due To Commence, etc...
  • Simplify Search Module Enrolments that are Active, Started, Due To Start, etc...

  • Add Trainer to Module Enrolments Assessed

  • Do not include Credit Transfer in Tuition Fee events
  • Fix Training Plan event for Course Template's with a behaviour of No Dates
  • Add Bulk Events

  • Add SVTS Student Summary report
  • Make Course Folders non-selectable on Enrolment pages

  • Add Module Enrolments from Course Template
  • Prepare for Bulk Events

  • Fix import/download of Victorian Student Numbers

  • Fix creating missing Certificates

  • Add Show Trainer to Search Module Enrolments page
  • Add Show Not Started option to Module Enrolments due for Assessment

  • Rename Event Template Modules Successful''' to '''Default

  • Add Course Template Behaviour No Dates
  • Refresher Letter generation is complete
  • Add VSR notification printing

  • Add Mailing As Above to AAC(s) and School(s)

  • Working on better Refresher Letter logic

  • Fix bug: Assessor was not being saved for Withdrawns
  • Change excel export for Module Enrolments due to Start to match Module Enrolments due for Assessment
  • Add Prepare for Training event type

  • Move SRTO1 payment from Cancelled into Prepare for Training
  • Add BERT Training Queensland Export
  • Mailing Address is required and "as above" by default
  • add Policy: Current Employer is visible?

  • add Policy: Simple proposed dates?

  • add Policy: Trainer default in Events?

  • Add a Pre-Enrolment
  • Improve speed of Certificates / Statements not issued
  • Assessment Statistics is complete
  • Group Module Enrolments due for Assessment by Trainer

  • Start adding Victorian Student Number notifications
  • Add Enrolment Completions report

  • Improve Import DELTA RTO Report
  • First draft of Assessment Statistics is ready to try
  • Start adding Assessment Statistics report

  • Add more due date types, Last Year and This Year
  • First draft of Generate Refresher Letters
  • Fix behaviour of {Include}s with conditions of the form {... || ...}
  • Make highlighting work in reports

  • Sort reports in the Print Student drop down
  • Enable/Disable Features

  • Fix Export to Excel that was creating bad files
  • Add Module Refreshers

  • Fix Victorian tuition fee rate exporting with the default to zero option

  • Import Victorian tuition fee rates
  • Add Intake start & finish dates

  • Export Victorian tuition fee rate (from Event)
  • Add Intakes
  • Default Tuition Fee Rate (Victoria) as zero

  • Import Trainer Groups from Icare (three star *** convention)

  • Fix Training Package fields so FPI11 can be selected and imported
  • Add Employer Contact to Enrolment

  • Add Employment Agency to Enrolment

  • Improved importing from Ted and Icare
  • Add Contact's Position field

  • Add Student's Current Employer field

  • Add Student's Unique Student Identifier field

  • Import Contacts from Icare 1.90

  • Add Tuition Fee event

  • Add Archived? check box to all archivable records

  • Check Student's age within 10 and 100 years

  • Add feature permissions

  • Allow enrolments to have two funding types the same if the Apprenticeship Contract differs
  • Improve Enrolment Import

  • Add Create Certificate/SoA not issued (Bulk operation)
  • Add from:thru: options to Enrolments by Funding

  • Tidy up Bulk Workshop
  • Add support for Client Tuition Fee (Victoria) | Victoria's Tuition Fee (cents / hour) field
  • Ensure that Icare will run with no internet connection

  • Add hours to Excel export on Search Module Enrolments page
  • Pre-Enrolments ready to try

  • Fix Tasks due to Complete

  • Fix adding of Roles
  • Show student age next to Victorian Student Number entry

  • Add SRTO1 and SRTO2 Administration Payments for Queensland User Choice constracts
  • Add support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012's LocalDB
  • Add support for alternative ODBC driver versions
  • Use student download function as test for password on VSR Settings page
  • Add Bulk Workshop page

  • Allow zero attended hours (withdrawn)

  • Allow empty delivery mode in Course Template

  • Fix title of Is VET?

  • Fix certificate/statement rules, Yes/No/Either
  • Allow zero attended hours (withdrawn) if the scheduled hours is zero
  • Force entry of Enrolment Date

  • Fix importing of prior education & disabilities
  • Fix spelling of Event Template modules value "successful"

  • Remove Employer identifier

  • Fix selection screen for Based On field on the Edit Module page
  • Tidy up Fees, Fee Schedules and Fee Payments

  • The first Contact for each Employer are automatically saved as the primary contact

  • Test SMS sending
  • Disable Add Event items if no modules are selected

  • Improve reports that contain dot points
  • Add "Past" and "Other" columns to Enrolment(s) per Month

  • Add Enrolment Status filter onto Search Module Enrolments

  • Do not list Employer Contacts as audit items on Home page

  • Course Template Behavior will create Certificate events when appropriate

  • Add Export Trainer option to Export option on Search Enrolments page
  • Track which users create and modify Events

  • Show stalled user sessions
  • Refer to updates rather than upgrades

  • Introduce login sessions
  • Fix automatic identifiers for Archive Boxes

  • Ensure Certificate and SoA events include successful modules

  • Test for missing and cyclic Based On fields in courses and modules

  • Add Export Funding Type option on Search for Enrolments page
  • Add builtin report values {Report Date} and {Report Time}
  • Add prompt option (user+pass, pass only, none) to Manage Data Sources
  • Add SoA/Certificate built-in events

  • Automated events from a Course Template use subject lines from the built-in events
  • Enable setting of Proposed End dates in Event Templates when an interim assessment is made
  • Introduce built-in event templates
  • Complete Fee Template editing
  • Add DOB field to SoA Register export
  • Add Mark type (final | RPL underway | interim)

  • Add Course Template behaviour (training plan | commencement | completion)
  • Added Fee Template

  • Added Fee Exemption onto each Module Enrolment

  • Improved error message when unable to delete

  • Starting to improve wording on Select pages
  • Employer Contacts are ready to use

  • Apprenticeship Centres are ready to use

  • Hide references to Employer identifier

  • Add RPL Assessment Underway (Victoria) logic for AVETMISS Exports

  • Add Move To option on Common Modules page
  • Understand more report templates saved by Word 2007
  • Add Export Student Cards

  • Add Module Events by Trainer

  • Show Course Folders on Edit Event page

  • Add Student Alternative Identifier
  • Fix reporting of short course completions to NSW APL
  • Add Australian Apprenticeship Centres

  • Add Employer Contacts
  • Add printing of Certificate/SoA registers

  • Add automatic database re-connects

  • Clean up old SSL certificates from MySQL connections
  • Automate updates of Auspost Listing
  • Add support for {Ask for Variable as Time} in reports
  • Add Funding Type Is Funding Disclosed? and associated Certificate / Statement of Attainment rules
  • Tidy up Competency Completion printing

  • Stop requirement of SoA when no modules are successful
  • Add Tasks due to Complete
  • Add number of successful modules to Enrolments by Funding
  • Fix Enrolment Grid to make sure all applicable units are shown (it was hiding units only enrolled by students that have now finished their course)
  • Attempt to reconnect to MySQL after loss of connection
  • Add {Skip ... if ...}

  • Add Processes and Tasks
  • Add status to enrolment list on Student page
  • Fix reporting of RTO name to Competency Completion export files
  • When modules are deleted from Events as part of a Course Template enrolment, treat this as module selection rather than a Cancelled enrolment.
  • Fix Competency Completion Export when there are no course or modules to export.

  • Fix state specific defaults on Add Enrolment page

  • Add Full Time Attendance to Course Template

  • Add Reports pages
  • Improve understanding of RTF file format

  • Add Statement Register export to excel
  • Add View Enrolment Funding / Trainer pages
  • Add Search Enrolments by Funding

  • Enable Archiving of Enrolments from Audit of Event Reference Book
  • Implement AVETMISS system so that Specific Program field can be exported correctly

  • Add employer to Enrolment Grid export to excel

  • Add all/active option to Enrolment Grid
  • Import from TGA (rather than NTIS)

  • National RTO # (rather then NTIS RTO #)

  • Add CSQ Export
  • Introduce Fee Schedules
  • add Student comment field

  • fix Avetmiss Export error

  • show Event created/modified details

  • Monthy Trainer Report shows non-assigned trainers
  • Fix Course Modules showing correct module on double click

  • Add Mark to Search for Module Enrolments

  • Fix Search for Module Enrolments by Funding Type
  • Competency Completion Export is ready to use

  • Improvements in reporting of alias and content fields
  • Enable archiving of Marks

  • Introduce {Include} conditionals ..
  • Add Module Enrolment's assessor field

  • Search by assessor on Search for Module Enrolments

  • Improve RTF report knowledge ..
  • Add Search Enrolments under 18

  • Show Scheduled Hours when asking for Attended Hours
  • Add Monthly Trainer Report

  • Add Import from Moodle Contact Database
  • Add Search Module Enrolments

  • Tidy up Print & Export to Excel for:

    • Enrolments due for Contact

    • Module Enrolments Missed

    • Module Enrolments due for Contact
  • Add Enrolments due for Contact

  • Add Module Enrolments Missed

  • Add Module Enrolments due for Contact
  • Add revised proposed end date for when non-final assessments are made
  • Complete Audit Event Reference Book

  • Improve Competency Completion

  • Fix Existing Person view/context logic

  • Correct AVETMISS 6.1 exporting of unmarked modules ..
  • Add export Student for Moodle user import

  • Add Audit Event Reference Book

  • Add employer column to Enrolments due to Commence

  • Add more search fields to Modules assessed
  • Fix logic for short Course Templates of more than 1 day duration
  • Add Assign Trainer column to Course Template
  • First draft of Audit Event Reference Book
  • Bulk archiving of enrolments to archive boxes

Improve Enrolment Grid

  • Add search by Funding Type

  • Add search by Trainer

  • Export to Excel ..
  • Add Archive Box

  • Add SoA not issued for Cancellations ..
  • Add event type - Training Plan Revised

  • Add event type - Contact

  • Do not show archived entries as suggestions whilst entering fields ..
  • Fix and improve New South Wales APL Export
  • Add Worksafe Victoria Export

  • Add Certificate and SoA Registers

  • Put primary search field on top of Search/Manage Courses/Modules/Employers

  • Add Analyse Enrolments due for Assessment (a condensed version of Modules due for Assessment)
  • Add Employer column to Search Enrolments page

  • Add Employer column to Module Enrolments Assessed page
  • Understand more RTF syntax
  • Rename Enrolment Entry Date to Enrolment Date

  • Rename Enrolment State to Status

  • Rename Enrolment State Commenced to Training

  • Rename Module Enrolment State to Status
  • Fix Bulk Entry on Edit Event Page (allow scheduled end date with no start date)
  • Fix AVETMISS extend proposed dates logic
  • Add option to Course Template for Enrolments entered at completion. The enrolment process will automatically step through entering the Assessment, Complete Successfully and Statement of Attainment events. ..
  • Allow sharing of Certificate and Statement of Attainment number pool
  • Separate Certificates not Issued from Statements not Issued
  • Import enrolments as Did Not Start correctly

  • Implement Module Enrolments per Month

  • Implement Scheduled Hours per Month

  • Add Export to Excel to per Month reports

  • Add {Mark Is Credit?} and {Mark Is RPL?} formulas

  • Add {Mark or State Code} formula
  • Enable printing on Enrolments by Month screens
  • Correct language classification version

  • Report Study Reason as blank if no course code (based on Avetmiss Validation Software 6.29)

  • More report improvements

  • Allow {Mark Successful?} (fields with ? character)
  • Support for {Declare} and {Assign} statements in reports

  • Enable WA RAPT and NSW APL exports

  • Refine Audit Certificates not Issued logic

  • Add Export to Excel on Manage Enrolments page
  • Improve logic of Certificates not Issued audit report
  • Disable VSR uploading of contacts to avoid issue in VSR system
  • Complete Western Australian RAPT export ..
  • Import of details from Victorian DELTA system
  • Allow December VSR submission to be uploaded during December

  • Fix bug arising from cut-and-paste of DELTA numbers into Icare causing malformed AVETMISS files
  • Add Enrolments by Month analysis
  • Add search by dates to Manage Enrolments

  • Add search for Enrolments with no Trainer assigned

  • Improved AVETMISS navigation

Changes to Manage Enrolments

  • Show number of records listed

  • Filter by assigned traniner
  • Allow AVETMISS export of assessments made on the same day.
  • Add print option on Analyse Enrolment Grid
  • Quick rough draft of AQTF Competency Completion Quality Indicator
  • Start Adding Fees and Fee Payments
  • Add Analyse Enrolment Grid
  • Add Analyse Module Enrolments Assessed

  • Ensure Modules are automatically added to Training Plan Event's

  • Add As Above option whilst entering a Student's Postal Address