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USI on your Enrolment Form

See Unique Student Identifier (USI) for an overview.

Enrolment form

Your enrolment form will need to be updated to ask for a student's USI. The student will need room to enter a 10 character USI made up of digits and upper case letters.

If a student does not have an existing USI you will probably suggest two options:

  1. that the student gets their own USI at the following website usi.gov.au, or
  2. that the student fills out a separate Create USI form.

The Create USI form allows the student to request the RTO to create a USI on their behalf.

Create USI form

A Create USI form may be separate from the Enrolment form so that it can be destroyed, whilst keeping the Enrolment form. The Create USI form may need to be destroyed to meet the following USI requirement:

Destroy any personal information which you collected solely for the purpose of applying for a USI on behalf of a student

Details already on your Enrolment form

Some details needed to create a USI for a student on their behalf are already on your Enrolment form. They are:

Additional Create USI questions

The following additional details are need to Create an USI:

Various Forms of ID can be used to Create an USI, refer to the USI website for full details.

Forms of ID

Drivers Licence

To use a drivers licence as a Form of ID the following mandatory details are required: