Icare software

USI Settings

See Unique Student Identifier (USI) for an overview.

Connect to USI system

You can connect to the USI system in two ways:

  1. with Icare, or
  2. via the USI Website.

Most of the time you would use Icare but there may be rare cases where the Website is useful.

Set up access to the USI system

To set up access to the USI system you need to do the following:

If you will be accessing the USI system with Icare you will need to:

If you will be accessing the USI system via the USI Website you will need to:

System Access Request Form

You must fill in the System Access Request Form before being able to access the USI system.

That form asks you How will you connect to the USI System?

It is suggested that you select both options. Most common access to the USI system will be via Icare. Website access can be used as a fallback for cases that Icare cannot handle or by trainer / administrators that do not have access to Icare.

Administrator AUSkey

The first AUSkey you needs is an Administrator AUSkey.

Your organisation may already have an AUSkey for financial/tax matters, if so you can use that AUSkey or register for a new/separate AUSkey.

Registering for an Administrator AUSkey must be initiated by someone listed in the Australian Business Register (ABR) as a Director, Trustee, Public Officer. See full requirements.

NOTE: The initiator of this process (Director, ...) does not need to be the Administrator AUSkey, they can nominate someone else to fill that role.

Once an Administrator AUSkey has been registered, that person can create other AUSkeys without the Australian Business Register (ABR) checks.

To manage an existing AUSkey and register for additional AUSkeys, log into the AUSkey Manager.

Device AUSkey

The Administrator AUSkey is allocated to an individual working on behalf of your organisation, and can only be used by that individual.

Icare needs a Device AUSkey that represents the whole organisation and is shared by all users of Icare.

Your AUSkey administrator can use the AUSkey Manager to register for a Device AUSkey.

During this registration process you will need to:

supply a device name
Server names and IP addresses are mentioned but in practice a name such as icare is sufficient;
supply an AUSkey password
This password will need to be known by all Icare users that perform USI operations, and so should not be the same as any personal passwords;
save the AUSkey
It is suggested that you choose a location to save the AUSkey rather than saving to the default location which can be difficult to find.

AUSkey in Icare

The Device AUSkey used by Icare is imported and saved into the database so that it is available to all Icare users.

To import an AUSkey into Icare: - from the Home page - click Management - click Unique Student Identifier Settings - click Import AUSkey - select the AUSkey file saved at the end of the registration process.

Standard AUSkey

To use the USI Website, each user will need their own AUSkey. That AUSkey can be either an Administrator AUSkey or a Standard AUSkey.

Your AUSkey administrator can use the AUSkey Manager to register for additional Standard AUSkeys.