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Suspend Enrolment event

An enrolment can be suspended by adding a Suspend Enrolment event.

Suspend Enrolment event

The Suspend Enrolment event will:

Withdraw/Did Not Start?

If you do not want to Withdraw/Did Not Start any modules then you can delete them out of the event.

Should you withdraw active modules or just leave them? Leaving the modules as they are makes it easier to resume the enrolment later on but there are some advantages to withdrawing the active modules:


Whilst the enrolment has a status of suspended it does not get listed in any of the active enrolment lists.

You can search for suspended enrolments on the Search Enrolments page. Choose either:

from the Enrolment Is field.


The enrolment can be resumed by adding a Resume Enrolment event. Alternatively if the student never returns you can add a Cancelled event.