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Statement of Participation

Statements of Participation are optionally issued for non-award and non-accredited training. Verification of Competency enrolments are one example where a Statements of Participation would be appropriate.

See Parchments to see where this fits in with courses that are issued Certificates or Statements of Attainment.

Turn on Policy

Turn on the Statements of Participation option on the Managemant → Manage Policy page.

Two other related policy options are:

Tick this if you want each Statement of Participation to be numbered. See Automatic Identifiers to get Icare to generate these numbers for you.
Not sent since
If you want to track issuing and sending of Statements of Participation as two separate activities, enter the date you want to doing this. See Parchment Sent? for an overview of marking and tracking which Statements of Participation have been sent.

Manage Courses

Inform Icare which courses are to be issued a Statement of Participation.

Do this from Managemant → Manage Courses:

Issue a Statement of Participation

A Statement of Participation is issued by adding a Statement of Participation event to a student's enrolment.

If you have setup a Statement of Participation report template and Statement of Participation Rules, the appropriate report will be generated when you save the event.

Statement of Participation register

All Statements of Participation issued are listed in the Statement of Participation register. The register can be found on the Home page under the Registers heading on the right.

Generate Statement of Participation document

Icare can generate the Statement of Participation document for you.

Make sure the following command exists in the template so Icare knows it is a template for printing Statements of Participation:

 {Ask for Event typed Statement of Participation}