Icare software

Manage Marks

Based on your RTOs existing Policies and Procedures, you need to create a list of the Marks that could possibly be allocated to a student throughout their training. The Manage Marks option in Icare, is where you can create and manage the different Marks or Grades that will be reported for all students by your RTO. The actual Marks and the associated abbreviations must be determined and created at the set up stage. The grading/marking system which you choose to enter into Icare should be directly linked to the methods of assessment. Manage Marks is located under the Setup heading of the Management menu.

Some thought must go into determining the Marks that you will setup in ICare. Icare has the capacity to manage a number of different marking/grading types. Some options are:

Icare can also accomodate Marking/grading in parts where, for example, students must complete both a theoretical and a practical assessment before they can be deemed to have successfully completed the module.

It should be noted that the names chosen to represent the marks/grades allocated to your students are not the information that is reported to AVETMISS. When you create the Marks on Icare, you will be stating the relevant AVETMISS code to be reported back to AVETMISS when that particular Mark is entered. This have been demonstrated in the example below.

Within Icare, Marks can be a certain Type. Type options include:

To Manage Marks for your RTO:

Enter the name you wish to give your Mark, e.g. Competent.
Enter the code for your Mark. This is an abreviation that will be used to represent your mark e.g. C for Competent.
Select the Type of mark from the drop down list e.g. Final Assessment.
Choose and outcome for your mark., e.g. 20 Competency achieved/pass. This is the outcome that will be reported to AVETMISS each time the mark is issued to a student.
Place a tick in this box if the Mark is a sucessful outcome for the student. Leave the box empty if the Mark represents an unsucessful outcome for the student.

Click Save Changes.

Suggested Marks

Name Code Type Outcome Successful?
Competent C Final Assessment 20 Yes
Not Yet Competent NYC Final Assessment 30 No
RPL Underway RAU RPL Assessment Underway - -
RPL Granted RPL Final Assessment 51 Yes
RPL not Granted NPL Final Assessment 52 No
Extension Granted EXT Interim Assessment 30 -