Icare software

Manage Funding Types

Funding types are used to manage and document how an enrolment is being funded (that is who is covering the payment of the course fees). Some general funding types include:

Fee for Service
This is where a student (or their employer) pays the full amount of the course fees.
Government funding
This is where a student meets the relevant Government Funding eligibility criteria and some or all of their course fees are paid through a government funding program.
Industry Funding
In some states, various industry bodies may provide subsidised training in specific courses, and if a student is eligible, their course fees may be either partially or fully funded by one of these industry bodies.

Within Icare, each relevant funding type can be recorded and is linked to the state it will be reported to. Each enrolment can then be associated with the relevant funding type. The Funding Types used by the RTO are given a user friendly RTO defined name within Icare. The funding type is then linked to the relevant State and/or National Funding Code.

By defining a type of course funding as a Funding Type, you can reduce repeatative data entry and ensure that details, such as contract numbers, are correct.

Go to Add a Funding Type for further details.