Icare software

Manage Delivery Locations

The names and numbering of Delivery locations on Icare are user choice. The number of locations you record and what type they are will be dependent on your particular RTO and how it delivers it training.

The information used in this section of Icare is really to gather statistical information about where in Australia training is being conducted. The government are mostly interested in which state, and whether the training is being conducted in a metropolitan or rural location. Some funding is specific to the location of training – in this instance; you would need to ensure that your delivery locations reflect the correct area (e.g. metropolitan or rural).

One Example might be that a Large Training organisation may have one or more campuses with many buildings that are used for specific types of training. In this scenario, you may choose to record the delivery locations as either campus or building names & numbers.

For training organisations that solely provide distance education, then there would only be one or two delivery locations – that of the head office, and perhaps a regional location (if this is relevant to your funding arrangement) – as you would not be likely to list each students’ address as a delivery location.

Another option might be that your training organisation conducts on-the-job training for groups of people at their workplace. In this instance, you may choose to list each company/employer as a delivery location. There is a convenient way to do this, refer to Employer as a Delivery Location.

The other option if you have general locations in which you conduct training, but not always at the same address, is that you may choose to list suburbs/towns and related postcodes as your delivery locations. This provides detail regarding where the training is occurring but does not restrict you to having to include every single address. This is particularly helpful if you hire venues for training.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to be setting up a system that is difficult to maintain, if the level of detail is not going to be of any benefit. Choose a level of detail required, create a naming/numbering convention that will work and stick with it. Also, if you need to make changes to your delivery locations, do not change existing codes, always create a new code for a location and if required, delete the obsolete one.

Go to Enter a Delivery Location for details on how to create a delivery location on Icare.