Icare software

Manage Courses on Icare

All enrolments on Icare must be entered as Course Enrolments. Students cannot be enrolled in a single module, unless that module is entered into Icare under a course. This Course may be a full nationally recognised Qualification, but it does not have to be. Alternatively, it may be an RTO defined course.

If your RTO provides training in Skills sets or single modules, these may not include the full content of a Qualification. Even if training consists of only a single module, the module must be listed as a Course on Icare. The course name and number will be RTO defined and the course will not be reported to AVETMISS as a course (if could however, be reported to AVETMISS at the module level).

Courses on Icare should represent the aim of the student. That is, if the students' aim is to complete 3 modules, which will provide him with sufficient training to serve food and alchohol in a licenced restaurant, then the course on Icare should reflect that aim. Frequently, this aim will be linked to how the course is marketed and delivered by the RTO.

If you wish to add a nationally recognised qualification to Icare, go to Import a Qualification from Training.gov.au. In order to add an RTO defined course to Icare, refer to Add a course.

A number of case studies have also been documented on this website, to provide additional guidance and suggestions to help RTOs establish their courses on Icare.

When establishing courses on Icare, you may also like to consider using course templates. Course templates provide the user with the advantage of reducing repetitive data entry. Within a course template you can specify details that will always remain constant and these can automatically be applied to each enrolment that uses that Course Template.