Icare software

Database Software on a NAS

Part of the Database Software Choices discussion.


Some Network-attached storage (NAS) boxes can provide more than just shared files on your network.

Some NAS boxes have a MySQL server built-in that you can use to store your Icare database.

See Wikipedia's article on Network-attached storage

A NAS box is an alternative to a PC with database software installed. It can/may be smaller, cheaper, less maintenance, reliable, tolerant to failure.

Tolerant to Failure

The biggest difference between a NAS and a PC with database software can be the usage of multiple redundant disks and RAID to provide a system that can continue to operate after a drive failure.

NAS boxes with MySQL

Some NAS boxes that are available with MySQL are listed bellow.

The suitability of these products used with Icare is only based on the reading of their online documentation. NO TESTING has been done to confirm their suitability.

This list is not exhaustive list, other vendors may have built-in support for MySQL or a packages system that can add support for MySQL.


1-bay or 2-bay NAS boxes can be obtained from $200 to $300, remember to add the cost of drives ($60 to $150 each). For example a $300 2-bay NAS with two redundant 3GB drives at $150 each is a total of $600 with 3GB of storage.