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Database Software Hosted

Part of the Database Software Choices discussion.


Your Icare database can be hosted in the cloud. This is similar to you having your website hosted.



You can access your Icare database from where ever you like. Your office PC, your home PC, your laptop on the road.

Your computer just needs the Icare software installed and have access to the internet.

A service

The hardware and software is installed and maintained for you.

Faster connection

A hosted database can provide faster access times than a database hosted in your office.


The service may keep backups for you or send you a nightly backup.



You need to be comfortable having sensitive data (Student records) located offsite.

Security measures are needed to only provide access to the right people, this can be good passwords or digital certificates.

Your information also needs to be secured as it is transported across the internet, look for SSL support.


Database service providers are hard to find with a Google search. You will find many service providers with Web hosting that includes MySQL, but that MySQL is only accessible by the website and not accessible from external programs such as Icare on your PC.

The following hosting services are available:

Other than Icare hosting, these hosting services have not been tested with the Icare software. If you are interested in exploring these options then we can help prepare a trial.