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Cancel an Enrolment

Cancelling an Enrolment is one way of Finalising an Enrolment.

Cancelling an Enrolment may involve withdrawing from some modules. If you need to withdrawn a module without cancelling the course enrolment please see Withdraw a Module Enrolment.


A course enrolment is Cancelled when the student does not complete all of the required training (and other activities) required to make a final assessment for all modules enrolled within the course.

When cancelling from a course enrolment, any outstanding module enrolments will need to be withdrawn. See Withdraw a Module Enrolment for background on Did Not Start and Attended Hours.


  1. Navigate to the student's Enrolment page
    For example: Search for a student on the home page, press enter to go to the Student page. Then press enter (or double click the enrolment) to go to the Enrolment page.
  2. Click the Add Event link on the left hand side and then click on Cancelled from the drop down menu.
    Note: The drop down options can be customized and may have alternative wording, see Manage Event Templates for further information.
  3. The Add Event page will be displayed with Cancelled shown as the event type (sub heading above the Date field)
  4. Enter the date the course was cancelled
  5. Optionally, enter the trainer that authorised/signed of the cancellation.
  6. Optionally, adjust the subject and comment fields if you wish to provide additional information.
  7. For each module listed under the Withdrawn Modules sub heading
    1. Check the Attended? column, this is pre-filled in by Icare depending on whether the module had already started
    2. Enter the Attended Hours if the module is listed as Attended in the previous step
  8. Click Save Changes on the left hand side

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