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Finalise an Enrolment

Enrolments can be in two broad states: active or finalised.

Finalising enrolments is important so that you can ask the system how many active enrolments are there?

The overall state of an enrolment might be determined by more that just the successfull outcome of the contained module enrolments. For example, a course may contain mandatory work experience it might not be good enough to be competent in all of the modules but not to have done the work experience.

So, it is important to finalise the enrolment separately than each of the contained module enrolments.

An enrolment can be finalised in three ways:

These three are similar to the following Module Enrolment states:

An example might resolve these three. Consider a subject within a university degree that has lectures and a final exam.

You would Complete Successfully by passing the exam.

You would Complete Unsuccessfully by failing the exam. Ignoring appeals, this is final - if you want to pass (Complete Successfully) the subject you would need to enroll in that subject again and there will be two separate entries on your transcript.

You would Cancel by not attending the exam.