Icare software

Funding Types are used in Icare to group a number of related AVETMISS fields and behaviours into a single entity.

You can give each Funding Type your own name to best match your internal procedures and to avoid the need of memorizing state funding codes, purchasing contract nubers, etc…​

Funding Types are managed from:

  • Home > Management > Manage Funding Types.

Queensland issuing new 2020 Pre-qualifed Supplier Numbers

We are expecting new Pre-qualifed Supplier Numbers to be issued on th 1st of July 2020.

What did we do last time?

From memory this last happened on the 1st of July 2016.

What did we do back then? Lets take a User Choice contract as an example.

Up until that point we may have been happy with a single Funding Type of the form:

Name State Funding Code Purchasing Contract

User Choice

F3 User Choice


which we needed to rename to distinguish it from the new one to be added:

Name State Funding Code Purchasing Contract

2010 .. 2016 User Choice

F3 User Choice


2016 .. 2017 User Choice

F3 User Choice


And then for every student with a unit connected to the old funding type and not yet assessed, we needed to:

  • edit the Enrolment to add an Additional Funding

  • for each unit on the More > Fundings tab, use Set Funding as

    • to the 2010 .. 2016 User Choice funding if already assessed

    • to the 2016 .. 2017 User Choice funding if not yet assessed

The decision of which funding to use for each unit was based on the End Date (Actual End Date if assessed, or Proposed End Date otherwise).

That is something a computer can do, lets teach Icare!

What will we do this time?

This time we will not add a new Funding Type.

We will edit the existing Funding Type and use a new Rules section. For the example 2016 .. 2017 User Choice above, the following changes will be made:


Change the name as appropriate. Extend the years, open ended years or remove the years from the name? Not sure of the best option yet. Do what makes nost sense to you.

From Thru Purchasing Contract







No student records need to be checked or modified, Icare will do the rest.

What will Icare do this time?

Armed with the new rules Icare will calculate the appropriate Purchasing Contract & Schedule to report for each unit enrolment based on the End Date being reported for that unit.

It will look for a rule where the End Date is on or after the rule’s From date & on or before the rule’s Thru date.

If a rule matches then the Purchasing Contract & Schedule for that rule will be reported.

Otherwise an error will be raised indicating that there is no matching rule.

Because we want units yet to be assessed to match against the current rule a Thru date needs to be chosen to cover any proposed end dates that may occur in the new few years. Hence the 20/06/2030 Thru Date in the example above, 10 years away should cover a contract that lasts for 3 years and students with training plans across a further 5 years.