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Tuition Fee Rate

The Tuition Fee Rate field is required in Victoria for all funded enrolments. The field states the hourly rate charged for each Module, the rate is entered in dollars and reported to SVTS in cents (for example a rate of $1.27 per hour is reported to SVTS as 0127).


The Victorian Tuition Fee Rate field can be entered in two ways, you can use one or both of these methods.

Entry with an Event

The most flexible entry of the Tuition Fee Rate is with an Invoice event. Entry with an event enables you to:

An Invoice event can always be added by using clicking Add Other Event and then Invoice. To make this easier a Tuition Fee entry can be put into the Add Event drop down:

You may want to move the new entry up to another position by clicking Move Up.

Entry at Enrolment

There is a Tuition Fee Rate field on the Add/Edit Enrolment page just under the Funding Type field.

A rate entered in this field will apply to all modules in the enrolment and across all the years of training.

This field may be hidden, use the procedure below to enable the field.

This field can be enabled or disabled by:


You have three options relating to the Tuition Fee Rate when starting and AVETMISS Export.

Error option

By default Icare will give you an error if you have not entered the Tuition Fee Rate field for a Victorian funded student.

If you never charge a Tuition Fee or have not yet entered rates for 2012 continuing students you can change the Error option to Export with a default of zero. Beware, if you change this option, neither Icare or SVTS will be able to advise you when you forget to fill in the Tuition Fee Rate field.

Charged option

You can inform Icare that Tuition Fees are charged:

Set this option based on the policies at your RTO.

Charged after option

If you do not enter the Tuition Fee Rate field immediately after enrolment, you can use the Charged after option to stop Icare giving you errors for new enrolments until you are ready.

To common cases where you may enter the Tuition Fee Rate field at a later date than the Enrolment are: