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Transition to new PQS number

Receiving a new PQS number, as part of a new contract, in Queensland is not just used for new enrolments but affects existing enrolments as well. This page describes how to enter a new Funding Type for the PQS and how to transition existing enrolments that have assessments under the old and new contracts.

This will apply to the to at least the following funding contracts in Queensland:

These instructions would apply to other funding contracts in any state that follow similar funding rules - that the funding contract is applied to each module / unit of competency rather than the enrolment at the qualification level. The contract for each module is chosen based on the assessment date.

Adding new Funding Types

From the Home page select Management, then Select Manage Funding Types.

Prepare existing Funding Types

For each existing Funding Type that has a PQS number, you will need to add a new Funding Type with the new PQS number. To make it easy to identify the old and new Funding Types it is suggested that you include the contract term in the name of the Funding Type. For example:

If you need to change the name of existing Funding Types, use Edit Funding Type.

Add the new Funding Type

Transition current Enrolments

New enrolments will use the new Funding Type.

Completed enrolments do not need to be changed.

Transition enrolments that have no assessments

If an enrolment has no assessments under any old PQS number then you can:

This will replace the funding for all modules / units of competency in the enrolment.

Enrolments with assessments under two or more PQS numbers

If an enrolment has assessments under an old PQS number and has additional modules to be assessed under the new PQS number then the assessed modules need to retain the current Funding Type and the ongoing units should be connected to the new Funding Type in preparation for them being assessed.

Add an Additional Funding

Change the Funding Type attached to each module

You can see what Funding Type is connected to each module by:

The Enrolment - Funding(s) page shows an additional column to the right of each module with the Funding Type displayed.

In general, to change a module's Funding Type:

Transition to new PQS number

Specifically, if you have been transitioning the enrolment to a new PQS number and followed the Add Additional Funding steps above, you will find that all the modules have the new Funding Type.

Check each module has the right Funding Type

You can check that each module has the correct Funding Type.