Icare software

Sent for Assessment (case study)

This case study outlines the following process:

As part of the above process, two events will be added to the enrolment:

Sent for Assessment

Adding a Sent for Assessment event will do two things:

This event is added from the Enrolment page by:

To search for units that have been sent for assessment but no reply has arrived from the assessor, you can:


If a final assessment is made (Competent or Not yet competent) then a standard Assessment is added.

Feedback Provided

If the assessor does not add a final assessment (Competent or Not yet competent), then a Feedback Provided event is added. This event does three things:

This event is added from the Enrolment page by:


The above process requires two marks and two event templates to be prepared.

Add Interim Marks

Two marks are added to the system to represent the special status of module enrolments during the above process.

Sent for Assessment
A module enrolment has this status (mark) while the assessor is assessing the students submission.
Feedback Provided
A module enrolment has this status (mark) if the assessment was not final and the student is continuing training and will re-submit their assessment.

The two marks are added by:

Name Code Type Outcome
Sent for Assessment SFA Interim Assessment 30 Competency not achieved/fail
Feedback Provided FP Interim Assessment 30 Competency not achieved/fail

You can vary the Name and Code fields to match your own terminology.

Add Event Templates

The generic Training event could be used to enter the marks prepared above, but adding Event Templates will make the data entry easier.

The two event templates are added by:

Name Type Subject Modules Module Type Mark Proposed End Date
Sent for Assessment Training Sent for Assessment Selected Assessed Sent for Assessment 2 Weeks
Feedback Provided Training Feedback Provided Selected Assessed Feedback Provided 1 Month

You can vary the Name, Subject and Proposed End Dates as appropriate. The Proposed End Date represents the following:

for the Sent for Assessment event
The expected turn around time for the assessor to complete the assessment.
for the Feedback Provided event
The time given to the student to re-submit their assessment.

Once the Event Templates have been added, you can use Move Up and Move Down to move the new events to a more logical position, probably between the Training and Assessment events.