Icare software

SSL Certificate

The Icare hosting website uses SSL Certificates to identify you when you login and protect your student information as it is transferred between the server and your PC.

SSL Certificate expiry

The SSL Certificates only last one year plus a month, so you need to generate a new one each year.

You will know that you need to do this when you see either of the following two messages on the Log in page:

This will be followed by:

Generate a new SSL Certificate

You can generate a new SSL Certificate from the Log in page my clicking the Edit Data Source link Generate-SSL-certificate-001-Log-in.png
You need to confirm your identity before generating a new SSL Certificate.

You will confirm your identity by signing into the Icare hosting website.

Start this process by clicking the website link provided

Sign in to the Icare hosting website with your email and password (or Sign In with Google)

If you have forgotten your password you can use the Forgot your password? option which will send you an email with a link allowing you to enter a new password.

After signing into the Icare hosting website you should see a page titled Edit Data Source.

Close the website and return to Icare.

Icare will now be displaying your name and email address. Generate-SSL-certificate-005-back-to-Icare.png
You will note the current SSL Certificate expiry date Generate-SSL-certificate-006-expiry-date.png
Choose Generate Another from the SSL Key field Generate-SSL-certificate-007-generate-key.png
Choose Generate from the SSL Certificate field Generate-SSL-certificate-008-generate-certificate.png
You will note the new SSL Certificate expiry date that will be 13 months away Generate-SSL-certificate-009-new-expiry-date.png
Click Save Changes to return to the Log in page