Icare software

Migrating from Icare 1.90

This new version of Icare works and installs quite differently to the old version of Icare 1.90 so we will need to go through the following process:

Server requirements & installation

This new version requires database software installed on a single PC, server or hosted.

The database software can be either SQL Server or MySQL, the most common being Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express. A further discussion of database software choices is available at:


You may need to forward a link of this page onto your IT staff so they can advise on how and where the database software will be installed.


Some notes on SQL Server installation for Icare are available at:


PC installation

The new software is easy to download and install from:



Information in the old Icare software can be imported into the new Icare software.

After the import, we need to do some checks to make sure the import has been accurate.

You can repeat the import step as many times as you like until you are happy.

Have a play

Get familiar with the new version.

Have a play, it does not matter if you delete / edit / break details in the new version since your live information is still in the old version. After you have finished playing you can repeat the import step.

REMEMBER: The old and new versions can be installed and used at the same time giving you time to become comfortable with switching live to the new version.

Does it do everything you need?

Confirm that the new version provides all functions that you use.

Not all functions work the same way in the new version (or may not exist yet at all). For each function that you need

Everything is ready

It is now time to stop entering information into the old version and start entering live into the new version.

Do you need to do one last import?