Icare software

Log into Icare

  1. Double click on the Icare Icon on your desk top. This will open the Icare log in page.
  2. Wait for the Upgrade option to appear (it may state either "A new version (version number) of Icare is available" or "No upgrades are available"). Occasionally another message may also appear "A new build (build number) of Icare catalogue is available".
    • If an upgrade is available, click on the message Click here to upgrade and upgrade your version of Icare. Once the upgrade is complete, the statement "No upgrades are available" will be displayed.
  3. Select your data source (if you have more than one option).
  4. Type your user name e.g Chris Brown.
  5. Type your password (if one has been assigned).
  6. Press Enter.

The system will then log you into Icare and open the Home Page.