Icare software

Import Guide


Now that you have installed the Icare software, the next step is to import from your current Ted or Icare database.


After installing Icare you will see the Login page for the first time.

You can login by either:

  • Pressing the Enter key on your keyboard,
  • or clicking Login.
The Logging in ... page will take some time as Icare prepares the Icare database. First-time-002-logging-in.png


Icare will ask you to import your licence file.

If this file has been emailed to you, you will need to extract/save the file from the email. You can save the file in any convenient location such as your desktop.

Click Import licence file.

Highlight the licence file, then click the Open button. First-time-004-select-licence.png


You will see the Home page for the first time.

Most options are disabled waiting for you to complete two tasks

  • Import,
  • Create a user.

Start the import by clicking Console from the File menu.

Click Import from Ted or Import from Icare as appropriate. Import-002-console.png
If importing from Ted, then select the Ted.mdb file from the Ted folder.

Otherwise, select the Icare folder.

The import process has a few options.

You should not need to change the defaults.

Click Start Import on the left hand side.

Icare will take some time importing your data... Import-005-importing.png
If the import completes successfully you will be taken back to the Console page.

Close the Console window and move onto creating your first user account (First User Account Guide).

Otherwise, the import will end by displaying a list of errors.

Click Save so you can refer to these errors later.

The errors are saved as a Text File (*.txt)

Enter a file name to save the errors.


Fix Errors

Fix the errors in your current Ted or Icare database.


To retry the import you will need to delete and re-create your database and then go back up to the top of this guide (page).

Depending on the type of database you are using, the delete & re-create steps will differ. Below are the steps to achieve this if you are using a LocalDB database.

Delete the LocalDB database

Re-start Icare.

Do not login, instead click Manage Data Sources.

Double click the single Data Source or click View Data Source on the left hand side. Import-010-manage-data-sources.png
Click Delete Database Import-011-view-data-source.png
Click Delete to confirm the delete process. Import-012-delete-database.png
Click Create Database. Import-013-create-database.png
Click Login at the top left so that you can start this import process again. Import-014-login.png