Icare software

Icare Layout and Navigation

Page Layout

The Icare page layout is based on a screen split design. Most pages are split into two vertical sections.

  1. The main part of the page is to the right and will display all the data.
  2. The left hand side of the page will display a series of menu options. These options will change depending on which part of the database your are viewing.

Navigating around Icare

There are a number of options which can be used to navigate around Icare.

Moving backward

One important item to note is that unlike many programs, Icare does not have a back button.

To return to the previous page, you can look at the Where am I part of the menu options. This will list the path you followed to reach the current page and you can select with your mouse, any of the previous pages listed.

One example of this is if you have navigated to the Enrolment page, the Where am I box would list:



(students name)

The Enrolments heading would be in Bold, as this is the current page.

To return the student page, click on the Student heading. If you have finished looking at that student, Click on Home to return to the Home page.

Data Entry/Editing Tips

When entering or editing data, you can move around the page using the Tab or Enter Keys. If you use the Tab key, the cursor will move to the next field without validating the data. If you use the enter Key, the data will be validated before moving to the next field. If there is a problem with the validation an Attention message will appear, on the left of the page and the cursor will remain in the current field.

If you choose to use the Tab key for navigation, then all data will be validated when you save the data. Any validation error will be noted with an Attention Message. If there is more than one, the message will relate to the first error and you will need to correct it and try to save again, for the next message to appear. All validation errors must be fixed before the data will be saved.

If at the end of making a change, you try leave the edit page without choosing Save Changes or Discard Changes from the I would like to box, the progam will ask you to make a choice between Save Changes, Discard Changes or Continue Editing before allowing you to proceed.

Entering Addresses into Icare

Addresses are entered in a number of pages throughout Icare including:

Refer to Entering Addresses on Icare for further details and examples.