Icare software

Cannot Login

Many factors could stop you from logging into Icare.

Common messages you might see whilst logging in are.

Please update! The database version is newer than expected

You MUST to update your Icare installed version to match the current database version. Someone else must have logged into Icare with a more recent version and upgraded the database.

Everyone does not need to be on exactly the same version, as long as only the last digit in the version number is different. For example and will work together.

If any other digits in the version number change, i.e. update from to then all other users will need to update to a 2.0.4.X version also.

User Limit Reached

You have a single user licence.

This allows you to:

The current user must log out (close Icare) before anyone else can log in.

You can update your licence to add more users.

Access denied

If you are using passwords, then the password may be wrong.

Otherwise, there is no User record setup in Icare that matches the current login. Add/Edit User details in Icare via the Management, Manage Users section.