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Address details in AVETMISS release 7.0 (2014 onwards) are broken up into may parts.

You will enter the address into these fields:

The Street lines 1 and 2 get broken into the following components when sent to AVETMISS:


Flat/unit details

Use a slash "/" character when you do not know the type of flat or unit. For example 5/32 Smith Street

If you know the flat/unit type then use a comma or space to separate the flat/unit from the street number. For example Unit 5, 32 Smith Street.

There can be multiple flat/unit details, for example Unit 204, Level 2, 37 Smith Street

Street names

Compound street names should use a dash "-" not a slash "/". For example Warrandyte-Ringwood Road WARRANDYTE Victoria 3134

Delivery Box

Use standard names or abbreviations without punctuation (dots "." or slash "/") or spaces.

Use PO Box 12 rather than P.O Box 12 or P O Box 12

Use MS 250 or MAIL SERVICE 250 rather than M/S 250

Common Warnings

Unknown street type (and suffix)
A standard street type (and optionally a suffix) such as STREET or RD is expected in full or as an abbreviation.
Building/property name is very short
Building/property name contains digits
Normally this is not an issue with the building/property name but a secondary symptom of the flat/number/street components not being correctly identified. Check those other components first.
Road name should be before RMB
If a road or property name is included with a RMB number then place it before the RMB
Refer to Barcoding Hints and Tips Guide, page 7, Common Problems box, Road names may appear as additional information for the address types RMB, RSD, MS and RMS, but must appear above the Address Lines.

Common Errors

Building/property name is spread across two lines
Again check that the flat/number/street components are being identified correctly
* Did you repeat the SUBURB in both the Address Line 2 and Suburb fields?

Useful Resources

Most of the address processing logic is based on Australia Post's Barcoding Tools & Guides page.

That page contains a Barcoding Hints and Tips Guide that helps you enter addresses into system in a consistent manner.

The standard address components and abbreviations (such as STREET, RD, UNIT, PO BOX) can be downloaded as an Excel File.