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ASQA Audit Activity Request

ASQA often asks for the following information leading up to an audit:

The ASQA Audit Activity Request report provides the list and first 4 bits of information as an aid in replying to ASQA's request.

The report separates Units of Competency enrolments from Qualifications, Accredited Courses & Skill Sets by looking at the Report As field of each Course.

When an Enrolment's Course has it's Report As field as The course this is based on (without Completions) or Blank code then it is treated as separate Unit of Competency enrolments.

Number of Current Enrolments are counted as the number of enrolments with a status of Enrolled or Training, or module enrolments with a status of Proposed or Training.

Completions are counted from Complete Successfully and Assessed events appropriately. NOTE: This ignores the issuing of Certificates and Statements of Attainment. If an enrolment completed successfully last week but you have not yet issued the certificate then it is still counted as a completion.