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Delete a Module Enrolment

A Module Enrolment can be deleted from the Enrolment page by clicking the Delete Module Enrolment item in the Module Enrolments menu box on the left.

But, a Module Enrolment cannot be deleted when it is referred to by Events.

There are two reasons you might be wanting to delete a Module Enrolment and a related procedure use for each reason.

Change of Training Plan

If a Student's Training Plan changes, for example when they change on of the electives, you may be tempted to delete the old elective.

Icare's philosophy of only adding evidence (Events) and avoiding changes and deletions of records suggests you should add a Change of elective event rather than deleting the old elective.

Fix a data entry mistake

If a Module Enrolment was incorrectly entered into an enrolment then you will need to delete it to make the correction.

In that case you need to review and adjust each Event that references the Module Enrolment until there are none remaining. Then you will be able to delete the Module Enrolment.

WARNING: Do not blindly delete Events because you may affect other Module Enrolments!

Change of Training Plan

To change an elective you will need to do three things:

Use the Add a Module Enrolment option to add the new elective.

The last two items can be entered as two separate events or a single event.

To add a single Change of elective event:

Alternatively you could add two separate events:

  1. Use Add Event - Withdrawn on the old elective,

  2. Use Add Event - Training Plan Revised on the new elective.

Fix a data entry mistake

If you really need to delete a Module Enrolment and it is referenced by Events, then use the following procedure:

For each Event listed:

When there are no more events listed:

If all went well, you should be back to the Enrolment page and the module you deleted will not be show.